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TTMT #704 – Feeling Jolly!

In which I share one bound quilt and a slew of holiday crafts. Special thanks to Jeanie for inspiring me to make little stuffed Christmas trees!

Links to lots of things from the video below:

6 thoughts on “TTMT #704 – Feeling Jolly!

  1. I love how the LoTR quilt turned out, it’s great!

    I’m laughing because I’m sitting here ramming stuffing into the tippy tops of my own fabric tree as I’m watching this. I’m excited to make my next one when this is done.

    The pjs are so fun. I love that you do that.

    THE LAMPS ARE SO COOL. ooooooooooooooh. So neat. Must try…


    1. Isn’t the quilt beautiful in batiks?

      Jeanie had no idea what she was starting with those little trees. I love when that happens!

      Pjs have been extra fun this year. I can’t wait for everyone to see theirs!

      The lamp…. Omg, right?! And engraving on a acrylic is crazy simple!

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  2. I love the LOTR quilt. I know I started one 😬

    I love the fabric trees. We had one with bells as a kid. I think Frito would nom nom the bells. Lol

    The lamps are cool. Engravers are definitely a fun tool to play with. So many many things to make with them.

    Happy Crafting

    Nice biscuits, Miss M 😀


  3. There and Back Again turned out beautifully.. Sarah did a great job with it!

    The retro trees are super fun.. I feel like I remember those too from a million years ago.

    The lamps turned out really cool… what a neat project. And the pj’s are very cute too. Nice to see you having fun with all these Xmas crafts!


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