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TTMT#57-My head hurts…

I had a fabulous time at the Ricky Tims Quilt Luminarium!  I learned so much my head hurt after each full day session.  I really think they could have broken it down in to a 3 day session instead of 2  8 hours sessions.  I haven’t tried out anything yet…because Ricky said, “I know you’re going to want to try everything we’ve shown you, but I insist you finish you’re own project first, then try something new.”

So I did.  I finished the binding on Scott’s quilt and Ricky was right.  The feeling of finishing  and  accomplishing something is freeing.

Anyway, there’s no video because literally my head hurts.  Now that spring has sprung in Vermont, the pollen is everywhere.  I was really trying hard not to get sick, but when I woke at 3am this morning and my sinuses and teeth were hurting, I knew it couldn’t be good.  Got in to the doctor and I’ve got a sinus infection.  Didn’t want to delay taking care of this because next week I’m chaperoning the band trip to Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, which includes two overnight bus trips…ugh.

Yesterday, I realized I hadn’t started my challenge quilt for this year’s Quiltfest in Bennington. It’s a paint chip challenge based on the game of Risk.  We picked a country from the board game and were given the corresponding color chip of the country.  If you use something to represent the country you chose, you get bonus points.  I chose Western Europe which represented Spain & France.  I lived in Nice, France and one of my favorite artists is Matisse…so this is my ode to Matisse.IMG_0002


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TTMT#52-Lots of finishes

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TTMT#50-Short & sweet

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TTMT#49-Finishes-apparently no video

Hey Friends!

Having troubles with the darn computer.  My usbs have stopped working and yesterday computer said I have no camera…liar!

Anyway finished the Tshirt quilt top for friend.  SIMG_0001-002

Sent Scott a picture and he was so happy I was able to incorporate everything, including the old comforter.  It’s off to the quilter.

I guess you’ll have to wait and see what else I’ve been up to next week…

Happy sewing!



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TTMT#48-Better late than never

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TTMT#47-Midweek catchup

Hi everyone!

With being out of town last week, I really didn’t get to sew until yesterday.

As the parent of a senior and on the committee for the safe senior graduation party, I felt like I should try to fill in some gaps were experiencing with trying to get donations for an upcoming basket bingo.  I went through my stash and found a mystery layer cake that I had purchased that I was really attached to, but thought others might like-it has cats and thought I’d try a new pattern.  It took about 3 hours to do and I’m pretty pleased with how it came out.

I also salvaged some “reject” blocks to the purple blocks from last week.  It turned out to be a cute baby sized quilt.

I realized my daughter and I are going to be at Ithaca next Mon& Tues, so I’m not sure how much sewing will get done.  We’ll see!

Happy sewing!