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TTMT #447 – jewells68 – December 1, 2022 – Project Room Progress

In which I show my new to me Accuquilt Die storage cabinet, a quilt that’s just about ready for binding, and more! Feels so good to actually be accomplishing some things again.

4 thoughts on “TTMT #447 – jewells68 – December 1, 2022 – Project Room Progress

  1. I love how enthusiastic you are in this video! It is so clear that you are excited about your new storage situation. That worked out so perfectly and I’m so glad that you got it figured out.

    Those fabric panels are phenomenal! They remind me of the Kona panel I use to make the curtains for my thread but way funkier, which I love!

    Jeanie’s tree… So inspiring! I’m really glad you asked her for the link. I’ve already cut one out, lol!

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  2. The cabinet turned out really great..even if uts not quite finished. My dies are in a drawer under my bed but the cutter is in my sewing space and it means I rarely think to use it.. not ideal! I need to come up with a similar solution.

    Love the fabric panels.. those are going to make fun curtains!


  3. I had to make it easier to use them without having to worry about storing them the wrong way and also not take up any more floor space than was already being used. Currently I’m only using the 2.5 in strip die to cut binding, because I am not allowing myself to piece any more tops right now until I make a dent in my pile of unquilted tops. But once I start piecing tops again I want to be able to put a dent in my scrap bins by cutting a bunch of squares. Until then, it’s completely out of the way but easily accessible!


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