TTMT Video


Yes, the photo below is progress.  Really.  New carpet put in today! Woot! I knew you’d be excited to see a photo of taupe carpet. Next up, tomorrow the reno company finishes up and loads all my junk valuable stuff back in that’s still in the storage container (that has been there for nearly two months, can’t wait to see how it smells), and they’re done.  Then, I get to have our fix-it guy manage some damage to the wall around the sink that was done before all this happened so the reno people wouldn’t touch it.  Then, I get to unpack all that fabric and the trash bags!  I should be able to get something worked on and do a video on it by about, oh, summer.  🙂 Dare to dream.


8 thoughts on “Progress!

    1. Not a lot of progress, really. You should see it since they moved the rest of the stuff in…I’m a camera crew short of a “Hoarders” episode. 🙂 But yes, the new carpet’s nice, I hadn’t realized how bad the old one had gotten, and the only way it would’ve ever been replaced is for something like this to happen. Silver linings and all….!


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