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TTMT 6 – 3 Day Weekend?! (And Snow Dye)

5 thoughts on “TTMT 6 – 3 Day Weekend?! (And Snow Dye)

  1. Oh the fabric looks gorgeous!
    You got plenty done.

    Oh I hate that things are still being canceled again this year. When we live in NC a good friend was in the a Mini Cooper club. They did a lot sorts of fun drives like the Blue Ridge Parkway. I agree it’s a sight to see that many driving done the road together.

    Happy Crafting


  2. The snow dyes look cool!

    You are getting tons done–it just doesn’t feel like it when there is so much more you want to have gotten done.

    Love the boyfriend’s mapping! That’s awesome. My husband will definitely go roadtripping from quilt shop to quilt shop with me but he would like to drive and leave it to me to entirely figure out the routes and navigate.


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