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TTMT #139 – “Ruff Life” quilt and BB+ Sampler quilt

6 thoughts on “TTMT #139 – “Ruff Life” quilt and BB+ Sampler quilt

  1. Henry is going to be the size of a tiger by the time he’s grown!! May I also say that I am so impressed that he travels well? What a good boy!

    Your dog panel turned out super cute. I always like to see how you mix up panels with other fabrics to make them more interesting.

    It is been so lovely to see how excited you have been about designing. I miss it, but I find that the more I do it the harder it is on my shoulder. I have a lot of doodles of things that I hope to get back to someday. In the meantime, charity quilting!


    1. He IS going to be a tiger. He’s a perfect gentleman about most things, including travel. I’m really happy about that.

      I have so many panels. I went through a panel-buying phase and have tons of really cute ones. But I don’t like just putting borders on them, as you can see. I’m happy with the dogs.

      My designing right now is educational. I have always just winged it (of course, I have a Fine Arts background and experience, including other mediums, but no real focus on quilts). Once I embraced my inner modern quilter, I set myself free but needed to learn. This month is obviously optical illusions, and next month I’m going straight into modern quilts. For September I’m thinking about applique, but we’ll see. I’m also launching a website in the couple of weeks so I can try to make some money at this. I’ve been working on my business since January of 2019 and it’s time to jump in.

      I understand you shoulder pain. However, it is also so wonderful to know your foot is better. I hope you find some relief soon. I have some orphan blocks to send you. I don’t leave the house often, but will get to the post office soon. I can totally relate to the doodles. I have a whole notebook full of them, plus tons on my computer. Besides the 40-50 full quilts I am designing each month, I still have the doodle ideas. I need to make thousands of quilts at this rate. At least you still have your charity quilting.

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  2. Henry is going to be such a big cat! You are going to have to put those cat shelves all over your house and different heights since he seems like a jungle cat.

    I love what you did with the dog panel. those fabrics all play together nicely!


    1. He is a jungle cat. Right now, he’s hitting puberty and getting his adult teeth (chewing on everything). It’s a scary time. I had to prove I was still the Alpha Dog–and was quite proud of myself. He’s to be neutered in 3 weeks.

      I’ve had those dogs for so long, and I’m happy with where they will spend the rest of their lives.


  3. The optical illusion quilts look really cool, especially the round one.. love that!

    The dog panel quilt turned out really well! I love that you’re able to make interesting quilts using panels – it’s not something I’ve ever felt good at doing! (I still have my mermaid patterns in the pile on my table for upcoming projects!)

    I’m amazed how much you’re able to get done with such an active pet in your life.. he’s a real beauty! I’ve hardly sewn at all since my sister got her dog – he’s just such an attention hog and a little destructive, so even though my sister says it’s not my job to babysit him when she’s at work, I find myself doing it just out of not wanting him to gnaw on the table corners or not wanting him to eat my plants or whatever. Its frustrating for sure!


    1. Thanks. I’m really liking what I’m designing right now. I’m happy with how my dogs turned out. I have a lot of panels that I just need to get designed and stitched while I’m in the panel-designing zone.
      Henry sleeps hard. So as long as he knows where I am, he’ll leave me alone. He’s REALLY clear on touching fabric, the iron, or climbing the design wall. So when I sew, he sleeps. Once he’s older he will need fewer kitten naps. So I’ll have to find him something else to do. It’s like having a toddler–as you know–you can’t let them out of your sight for a minute. And when things suddenly get too quite, the sewing stops until the investigation is complete. I hoe you’re back to sewing soon. I love seeing your stuff.


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