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TTMT #72 It’s A Cold Day

Showing more of the knitted lapghan and handquilting a log cabin

8 thoughts on “TTMT #72 It’s A Cold Day

  1. The blanket is really coming along. It’s going to be a nice lap throw when you are done. 🙂

    My arthritic hands do not envy you hand quilting batik fabric, but the fabrics are truly beautiful, I do love batiks so much. I know this will be a tough time for you due to the anniversary, but it sounds like you are making good plans to keep your mind and hands occupied. It really can help. Take care and see/hear you again soon.


  2. Hand piecing is a wonderful way to occupy your hands and help comfort your mind. The log cabin is just beautiful and I can only imagine your mother-in-law will cherish it.

    I’ve never experienced cold like you’re experiencing and can’t even imagine. Stay warm and safe!


  3. Oh wow the hand piecing is such a undertaking. It’s really beautiful work you are doing. I have always found comfort in projects during grief. It’s keeps my mind on something else. The log cabin is really stunning.

    The blanket is really looking lovely as well. Another TTMTer Sarah in Houston does a ton of knitting as well. She does advent calendar knitting every year.

    It sounds like you live in the region I grew up in. My oldest child lives there now. Last time I was chatting with him, he mentioned it was a balmy -8 for the afternoon high. Stay warm! I don’t miss that bone chilling cold.

    Happy Crafting and hope to see you again soon


  4. Your knitted blanket is coming along nicely. The log cabin quilt is beautiful. Your hand quilting is great. Stay warm.


  5. The log cabin looks so beautiful! That will be a lovely quilt when it’s finished… I can’t imagine the amount of work that’s going into it, though! I hope that working on it will be a comforting thing for you while you’re going through these hard days.


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