TTMT Video

TTMT 206

Octopod made by CubbinsCreations []

Fabric shops:

  • Periwinkle Quilting & Beyond []
  • Peachtree Quilt Shop []
  • Cindy-Rella Sewing & Quilting []

MacKenzie Art Gallery []; Radical Stitch (the beaded works exhibit) []

T. Rex Discovery Centre []

Strawberry Quilt block Tutorial by Skyberries Handmade []

Christmas quilt pattern is Kimberley 2.0 by Gudrun Erla of GE Designs []

3 thoughts on “TTMT 206

  1. Hey, lady, great to see you! Your field trip sounds fantastic. Fabric, and beads, and dinos, oh my! I’m really curious about the beadwork, because being on the opposite side of this continent I am not very aware of indigenous work where you are.
    Lots of great fabrics. I love the Tula coordinates. And fun prizes, too!
    Yay for a gift from Jeanie! She’s just so thoughtful.
    Your quilting looks phenomenal as usual. And I love the strawberries!

    Oh, and the octopus is phenomenal!! 🐙


    1. The beading show I went to featured artwork from as far south as New Mexico (if I’m remembering right) and as far north as the Arctic, so it covered a lot of ground. It ranged from quite traditional (up here you see a lot of fruit and flowers in beadwork) to very modern .. they allowed photography of some but not all of the work so I didn’t take any pictures at all. It was a really cool exhibit but didn’t offer very much context for the work, which I didn’t love. Just one example: one of the first things you saw as you came in was tiny beaded figurines of people, which they were just completely covered in beads so that the figurine was essentially obliterated with a pair of eyes sticking out. I didn’t love them or spend much time looking at them, really, kind of just moved on to the more impressive stuff (there was a beaded vest with a sky done in beading that was phenomenal, there were beaded knee high stiletto shoes, beaded brain scans…..) but then from the book I did buy, I found out that the figurines are children’s toys of First Nations people, like a Pocahontas figurine you might buy from Disney, that the artist has covered in beads. It feels like it’s saying something that I didn’t necessarily pick up just by looking at it, if you know what I mean. Anyway… tl;dr… in the links up above, if you go to the one about Radical Stitch, there is a video about the show that features a lot of the pieces. (If you go to 5 min 30, the beaded sky vest is shown. So beautiful.)

      The strawberries are really so cute, aren’t they? It makes me want to make a dozen of them… just adorable.


  2. eee what a cute octopus!

    I love your idea for the personal shop hop. You got such cute stuff on your custom hop. Hah I have the lady bugs too. I’m not a tula fan but I loved those darn ladybugs and had to buy some. I got the last half yard off the bolt before we sold out.

    I love the stuff you got at the museum. The mug is so pretty.

    Ooh your quilting looks fabulous!

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