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TTMT: 2/18/22 – Busy (but not crafty) week

Hello my friends. This has not been the best of weeks for the Pepper household. On Monday our oldest son, Chris, called to let us know that he had developed a blister on the side of his foot late last week. When it started getting bigger, turning red and becoming painful, he went to urgent care to have it checked. They said it was probably diabetic foot wound and was infected. They referred him to a specialist who, unfortunately, can’t see him until a week or so into March. They prescribed a pretty strong antibiotic and told him to keep off his foot as much as possible and not let the blister pop. The foot is not as painful now but the blister is still red. The good news is that Chris’s supervisor called him Tuesday and told him that made sure that Chris would be on short-term disability and that his job would be there whenever he could come back.

After we got home from delivering some groceries and a cane to help keep pressure off the foot when he had to get up, we got a call from Patrick to let us know that Vanessa and Garrick have tested positive for Covid. They have both had cold symptoms for a week or so and figured it was just a cold or allergies. Then Vanessa developed headaches and they both got low-grade fever and the four of them (Pat, Vanessa, Garrick and Vanessa’s mother) went to get the test. Pat and Marianne tested negative. Good news there is that V & G are both feeling better. The bad news is that Pat will be out of work for a couple of weeks and he will not be paid for the time he’s out of work.

Pat went out on Tuesday to pick up some groceries and things from the drugstore. He was able to stay in the car and have the groceries loaded in the back. On the way home, his car broke down and had to be towed to the repair shop. He had no way of going to pick it up Wednesday so Tim and I went to get it and drove it to their house and talked with them from afar. Patrick started exhibiting symptoms during the night on Tuesday and they went back for further testing. Patrick and Marianne have now tested positive so their whole household is down.

And last, because we had babysat Garrick the Monday before they tested positive, Tim and I were possibly exposed. I had some symptoms a couple of days ago (headache, sweats, chills) and went today for testing. I’ll hear from it in a day or two. I’m so glad we can have groceries and drugs delivered to our homes.

I’m not posting any of this on Facebook and just wanted to let you guys know what’s happening. I am so glad we have all had our vaccines and booster. This could have been much worse!

9 thoughts on “TTMT: 2/18/22 – Busy (but not crafty) week

  1. SO much to deal with! I hope everyone is on the mend, and that maybe someone will cancel an appt and Chris will be able to move his up a bit sooner. Hugs to you my friend.


    1. Patrick and his family are now doing fine. The virus was mild and now all test negative. Chris is still waiting to go to the doctor which will be in a couple of weeks unless there’s a cancellation. Tim and I are doing just fine now


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