TTMT Video


Apologies for the fluctuating sound quality and volume. I think I may have had my finger on the phone mic during some parts.

Stitch markers and other neat things can be found here:

I think I’m going to break down and get one of their row counter pins!

10 thoughts on “TTMT#36

  1. Your stitch markers are really cute! I use the jump ring ones like those when I am knitting on circular needles, but when I am knitting on straight needles I prefer the kind that lock in the stitch (also use them for crochet, although I don’t tend to crochet things that need markers if I can avoid it, lol). I have some that came in a big pkg that I use, but I also like the kind crafters make with the lobster claw hook on it so that you can “latch” it into your stitch and it can’t fall off your needle.

    Your kitties are so pretty. Fen in particular looks just like my old kitty, Fluffy. Those big yellow eyes!


    1. I couldn’t resist the cute! I intentionally got stitch markers with both a ring for knitting and a lobster claw clasp for crochet and times I need to mark stitches that aren’t on the needles.

      Fluffy was well named. They shed SO MUCH! I love the little furballs though.


  2. I have some loopy rings if you need more stitch markers for general use. I think I got them when I was making the wine glass markers…

    Knitting is looking good, kitties are cute (of course), the floor, not so much. Ack!


    1. Fun fact: I can do almost screen accurate Leia buns. Unfortunately having that much hair over your ears muffles sound pretty significantly, isn’t terribly stable for long term wear, AND isn’t very comfortable! I like this version of double buns much better.


  3. Those are very unique stitch markers. Her site has some really fun stuff on it. The row counters are really fun, too.
    The yarn for the scarf is very pretty.
    What sweet kitties!!


    1. I broke down and got not only one of the pretty row counters, but a couple more stitch markers that I missed last time. I couldn’t resist!

      The yarn is knitting up even more beautifully than I anticipated. Hopefully the slight color variation will show up better once I have a larger swatch to showcase.


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