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TTMT #118 Little Trees

9 thoughts on “TTMT #118 Little Trees

  1. Your tree is really cute. We sell a similar project pattern at the shop where I work called tabletop tannenbaum, and it calls for heat modable batting, which has been difficult to get shipped in, so I kind of like yours better since it just uses polyfil or stuffing. Can you share any tips on joining the tree segments together?


  2. Jeanie! That tree is stinking cute. I am almost sure my Grannie had something like that when I was a kiddo. The skinny branches make me think of the Christmas trees in Whoville. So cute! Glad you shared the link with Jewells, I may have to make one, too. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    I almost forgot to mention that I also love that finished tree skirt. It’s so elegant.


  3. Hi Jeanie! I think you’ve just solved a problem for me! My mom’s ceramic xmas tree just blew a fuse in the house and instead of trying to replace the electrical parts maybe I’ll just make her a fabric tree. Yours is cute. I made one about 20 years ago, have no idea where it is now, but I did download the pattern a month ago. Now to sit still and make it!


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