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TTMT #66 March 98, 2020 🙄

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TTMT #348 – jewells68 – April 1, 2020 – That’s 3 Quilts My Friends, Blowing in the Wind…

Sorry about the crappy sound but I’m outside. I am just thrilled the neighbor quit using his power tools right as I started filming. And the the dog forgot I was there until the end. But finally, here’s those three quilts I was meant to turn in to Project Linus in March, before the meeting got cancelled. At least I got to go outside and enjoy the beautiful day today!

Meet the back of my pink house.

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TTMT #56 Wohoo! I made a video!

I thought about editing a video, but I thought it would take too long. So here it is… bloopers and all.

Face Mask Pattern

T-Shirt Yarn

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Progress Picture


It’s happening. Our fearless leader is slowly turning me into a quilter. These rows will make up the upper half of my scrappy quilt. All fabrics came from my scrap bin, most of which are remnants left over from making old dresses.

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TTMT 3/31/20: Clover All Over Take 2

Quilt and family update.

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TTMT#131-Short and sweet

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TTMT #72 I Started…


Rich’s limerick:

The old frog with  big eyes said Hi

To the green fly who just happend by

Said Hi with his tongue

To the fly who was young

The spry fly could only say Bye