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Hi everyone

No video from me this week, this last couple of weeks doing this job can’t go by quick enough.

I have watched all your videos and will be hopefully making comments soon and responding to your comments to me from last week.

I love this community you are all so talented and have had a great week.

Speak to you all soon xxxxx

TTMT Video

TTMThursday-no video

Hi Everyone!

This week’s been crazy and it’s only Thursday!

I won’t be posting a video this week. I did a couple of things: sewed the Kaffe Fassett rows together after changing up some of the fabrics, ironed the stabilizer onto the back of the tshirts for the 3 laptop quilts I’ve got to make, and started printing paper piecing patterns for the Dear Jane blocks I’m determined to make this year.

BUT, I anticipate being able to sew the next couple of days because they’re predicting 18″ of snow this weekend.

Saw this on Facebook and just had to share!bolts to buy
Happy crafting! See you next week!

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Back from a rather long hiatus.

Hi quilting friends! I’ve been on quite a break from posting, but I have been keeping up by watching videos from time to time. I’ve been home sick from work yesterday and today (which is quite rare for me), so no video for me this week, but I can’t wait to join back in next week. I always find it so inspiring to see all of your creativity and progress.

Happy quilting,


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TTMT 1/15/19: I made it before midnight!

TTMT Video

TTMT #120

TTMT Video

Jeanie TTMT #3

It’s been a crazy day!! Finally had some time to get this uploaded. Side note ..the paint with diamonds is Dr. Who not Harry Potter.

TTMT Video

TTMT: 15 January 2019

In which I show pictures of a quilt finished in December, various quilt blocks for bees etc., and the quilt I intend to finish next.

(Also, yes. There is an air mattress propped up in the closet behind me. I didn’t want to take it to the basement after my sister was here in December, so it’ll probably stay there until she visits again in February. Though I’ll probably take the sheet off it one of these days…)