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TTMT#66-baby Irish & Bargello

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TTMT 110

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TTMT #32 | One Tired Queen & A Finished King (T’Challa) | 08/14/2018

Hi All!

These busy days are getting the best of me… I yawned 7x during the recording of this week’s ttmt! I cut them all and added them at the end of the video – lol
Included are the Black Panther block pics/video as well as the reveal of Jaxon’s party theme!

I forgot to mention that I finally remembered to get the heavier clear vinyl on my last trip to JoAnn. That anniversary sale was great!

And this week Hobby Lobby has the purse hardware at 50% off! Right on time, but I have to send back the zippers. 95% of them were too short! 😦

Anyway, here are my mumblings for the week!

Happy Crafting!!!

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Ttmt #18 – 1+1 = 3 & other ridiculous math mistakes (I mean it’s not like EQ doesn’t give dimensions)

My phone was misbehaving. I recorded on my I-pad. The sound and picture aren’t great.


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Protected: TTMT#15 Bits and Bobs

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TTMT 8/14/18: Soaking in the Sun

A few corrections:

  1. The second block I pointed to was not one of mine.  Sorry.
  2. Today is the 14th, not the 12th.

Credit:  The background music is provided by my sweet hubby and his guitar.

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TTMT #20 Yarn, yarn and more yarn

I’m sorry about the tapping of the needles on the speaker. I’ll try to remember that next time.
I had some problems at the end. ATT doesn’t like our house sometime.
Bye everybody!