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TTMT#107 Making progress

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TTMT #51 Finally a Video


The organization in the Valley is Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries.

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TTMT #530 – I Had “A Week”

I didn’t explain about this “I had ‘a week’ ” business in the video, partly because it would have taken too long to explain and I’m trying very hard to be positive.

Last week, I inadvertently damaged my mid-arm. I’m driving it up to Temple tomorrow to the closest Grace dealer so it can be repaired without invalidating the warranty. I’m taking a friend and we’re visiting a couple of quilt stores after we drop it off. Making lemonade here!

We also had our credit card skimmed, probably at a gas station during our road trip, but our bank has taken care of it, so, you know, a fresh start. That does, however, mean that I’m visiting quilt stores tomorrow without a credit card, so that’s probably a good thing. 😉

There’s more, but I feel like that is more than enough to explain!


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TTMT #105 This Quilt will be Mine

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TTMT #27 7-23-19

Finished the holiday star quilt. Working on scrap baggies.

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No video this week (probably)

It’s been kind of a crazy roller coaster the last few days, including having to order an unplanned new fridge Sunday morning. We weren’t expecting them to be able to deliver it so quickly (TODAY) so sunday was spent in a frantic bit of moving the old fridge and furniture to make it easier to get it out and the new one in, and also clean in the corner the fridge calls home. So and right now the Project Room (and my back and my brain!) are in utter chaos, and I probably won’t record a video this week. However, I can update you on the Memorial Quilt for my friend DeAnn. I finished piecing the top, but the 12″ solid pink squares just really bug me, being so big and empty, so I decided to do some hand embroidery in them. Nothing super fancy, just some lyrics from a song by her all time favorite artist that also seems appropriate for what this quilt represents.

That’s what’s up here in Burque*


*Burque: Slang/abbreviation for the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Thought to have originated from the original spelling of the city “Alburquerque”, which was named for the city in Spain. Pronounced Boor-keh



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No Video This Week!

I know it’s early but due to the circumstances I already know I will not be recording. We are currently at our local ER with Jaxon… waiting for the Iowa City medics to come transport him to the Children’s Hospital.

Other than it being heart related, I don’t have any details yet. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. I will update you all as soon as I can.

Thanks XOXO