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The first few minutes is a life update type thing. If your not interested start from 3 mins for the crafty stuff.

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TTMT No Video This week

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Good morning all

Just wanted to send a quick post to say that I wont be filming this week, the kids are on holiday from school and are always about. I will be back next week. I did get behind with everyone’s videos so I have only liked them instead of commenting . will be back to normal soon. Have a great week. xx

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TTMT It`s February

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TTMT now with Rocking Chair

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TTMT 3 on a Wednesday

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TTMT 02 – we will rock you , but carefully cause of lockdown!

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TTMT A New start

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Hi all

I have been MIA for weeks now and wanted to explain why.

I briefly touched on some stuff going on with my daughter and wanted to thank you all for your positive thoughts and messages of support.

We have now seen an educational physiologist who has highlighted the difficult my little girl goes though on a daily basis at school. This has hit me very hard and I has bought out some of my own depression symptoms.

I think many of you know that I have suffered with depression in the past and when I start feeling low I can see the wood though the trees.

I will be back , hopefully soon I am just trying to get my head in the right space.

I am really sorry that I have been watching or commenting on videos , it just makes me feel guilty that I haven’t recorded or watched for a while.

I hope you are all doing well and will hopefully be back soon .

Love to you all


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