TTMT Video

TTMT #???


7 thoughts on “TTMT #???

  1. Welcome back, it’s good to see you!

    Sweet table runner! I totally understand working well with a deadline.

    Oh, retreat! I mentioned that in passing once and now I think it might eventually have to happen. We shall see!


    1. Re: the idea of a retreat…. I thought I’d drop in and say that Quiltcon is supposed to be in Austin again in Feb 2020, so I am loosely planning right now to be there for that… (It’s two years for me to talk myself out of it, but we’ll see!)


  2. Hi – it is soooooo good to see your face! That little table runner is adorable. Deadlines are a great way to get either super motivated or super overwhelmed.

    Oh, and I will NOT ignore the wink. ; )


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