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TTMT #6 Another week flew by! Oi!

There is no video this week. Too many plates in the air. I did manage to sew a few things. I fixed my granddaughters dress, made a barbie sundress. Yesterday, I put together one of my oldest UFOs. The sampler quilt from 2003 or was it 2000. I really don’t remember. I took the tape label off the dusty tub. I still have to add a border. I am happy with it now. My problem with these blocks was the fact that it is a sampler quilt. I don’t care for them. In 2000 something, I was try to expand my quilting pallet. Trying new to me blocks. Some came out nice, others not so much.

The day flew by today and I wanted to sew something. At 8 pm I took out some orphan blocks. Red, White & Blue blocks. The four stars were rejected blocks that I had pieced very badly (circa 1990’s). There was no 1/4 inch seam on the points to sash them. Oh well, I added the sashing today and all the points are cut off. I call that a design decision! Ha Ha! It just felt good to sew. The other orphan is one that I love. I made several for someone for some reason and I don’t have a clue who. Old lady walking here! Oi!

6 thoughts on “TTMT #6 Another week flew by! Oi!

  1. I love what you did with all those blocks!! Seriously love! And now those sampler blocks are an adorable quilt. That’s what I call progress. Excellent! Happy independence day!


  2. My goodness, you’ve been busy! I love that you’re working on multi-generational dresses (grand-daughter and Barbie).
    In my 40+ years of quilting, I have never made a sampler. I like them when I see them, and I’m one who tries all kinds of different things. But I am coming across classics every day that I have never tried. Maybe one day.
    Thanks for sharing.


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