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TTMT 203: Catch Up

In which I show off…

  1. Dodge Challenger mini – Pattern by Quilt Art Designs
  2. Top Stitched Curves – Extrapolated from tutorials by Karen Eckmeier
  3. Bee blocks – some kind of nine patch half square triangle thing
  4. Panels for Dynamic Stripes – Class by Libs Elliott, The Watcher panel by Libs Elliott from Andover Fabrics
  5. Disappearing Nine Patch blocks
  6. Batik Quilt – Pattern by Cozy Quilt Designs but came free with the batik jelly roll
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TTMT 202: Sew All the Things

  • Black and White bee blocks — I don’t know the name, but it’s 8 HSTs plus a solid square in the middle. Easy peasy.
  • Batik jelly roll quilt — the pattern came free with the jelly roll and is by Cozy Quilt Designs, but I can’t see one exactly like it on their website. It’s very similar to the Simplicity pattern, though that one looks like it maybe uses 2 jelly rolls to have the contrasting colour.
  • Trinket quilt by Alison Glass — from the 2019 Quiltalong
  • Summer Sampler 2020 quilt-along April APQ Resolution project) — from the 2020 Quiltalong
  • Triple Irish Chain bee block, pattern by Melissa of Happy Quilting
  • Wolf Cushion — I don’t know who designed these cross-stitch patterns, though I should probably find out. Stitched by my sister, the HST cushion pattern is just deciding if the angle will go left or right, colour placement decisions were made by which block I picked up and which direction let the seam allowances nest, with a tiny bit of adjustment made to keep certain colours spread around a little bit evenly
  • Dodge Challenger paper-pieced blocks — designed by Quilt Art Designs
  • Kantha Stitchalong with Alison Glass — hopefully this one won’t take me 3 years to finish piecing like the last one did……..
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TTMT 201: Busy busy

In which I show off some bee blocks [Scrap Jar Star from Gigi’s Thimble], a finished cushion cover with cross-stitch by my sister [Pattern just random HSTs in two sizes], progress on my Trinket Stitch-a-long [Trinket by Alison Glass] and a finished quilt top [Alternate Bear Paw, self-drafted pattern from a drawing by Anne of Play Crafts].

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TTMT 200: So Many Things

It’s long. I can only apologize. I did cut out 7 minutes, but…. it’s long. It also shifts focus every other minute, which is super annoying. Point and shoot camera. Sometimes you get what you get.

In which I show my January APQ UFO Resolution project, a finished embroidery stitch from December, some bee blocks, a finished baby quilt, and a finished cushion cover.

The patterns are Trinket by Alison Glass, Jingle All the Way by Lolli and Grace, Heart Blocks from Cluck Cluck Sew and Just Jude Designs, Embrace the Chaos class by Libs Elliott. I don’t know the designer of the fox pattern and the cushion pattern is my own.

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ttmt 199: Kite Flight

In which I show my finished Kite Flight quilt, a couple boxy zipper pouches, a couple pocket pouches, and some bee blocks.

I filmed all of this by mistake in portrait, which Movie Maker will not edit, so I used a different video editor to crop the video down to something nearly a normal aspect ratio (but, like, the editor doesn’t let you go to any preset, so I just had to guess what looked close to normal) and part of the problem with doing that is that it really messed up the quality of the video. I filmed this on Monday and had thought I’d just record again today, but the temperature dropped a lot over night and it’s far too chilly and windy to stand outside and film it again. So. Bad quality video. And I forgot to take pictures of the quilt while I was out there, so I can’t even put in pictures for you to see! I’ll post pictures another time though!

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TTMT 198: Shaky Shaky

In which I show 4 quilts, one unfinished one by me, one by my Grandma, one by my mom, and one by my friend’s mother-in-law.

Quilt 1: Pattern is Kite Flight, which is a free pattern from Robert Kaufman. The fabrics are from a Robert Kaufman Kona roll up of Snow and one of what was called New Colors, I think back in 2014 or so. The borders are my own addition to make it a more reasonable size by adding 10 inches to either side of what is otherwise a long, narrow quilt.

Quilt 2: A traditional flower basket quilt, pieced and quilted by my grandma.

Quilt 3: A bog standard nine patch quilt, pieced by my mom, quilted and bound by me.

Quilt 4: Pattern is Bento Box, though these blocks are maybe 15″ or 18″ blocks (haven’t got it in front of me to check) rather than the 12″ in the linked pattern. This was pieced by a friend’s mother-in-law, was quilted by Jason Blackmore of Love Shack Quilts, and was bound by me. I finished this a while ago now and still need to get ahold of my friend to see when I can drop this quilt off.

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TTMT 197 Needy Dog

In which I show some things I’ve been working on and also talk about the new animal in my life. The blue and orange quilt is the Cy Star quilt from The Summer Sampler is the 2020 pattern from or or The Grassy Creek Mystery Quilt is from The quilting idea is called “Road Maps” from Helen Godden and can be found on YouTube.

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TTMT 196: Stuff and Nonsense

In which I show two finished mini quilts – the reworked orchid mini from 2014 and a new Thanksgiving one – and the bits and pieces of three other projects – including the Grassy Creek mystery quilt, the Cy Star mystery quilt, and a leader/ender nine patch in green. Also, a lot of bitching and moaning about the weather and my job.

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TTMT 195

I feel like I sped talked through that video.

The pattern is Knitted Star from Lo and Behold Stitchery.

After I recorded this, I went upstairs to get ready to leave and promptly smashed a wine glass in the kitchen. And then I went to the spice store (for gochu garu) and then to a Chinese market (for sichuan peppers) and then to a hardware store (for a humidifer) and then to a grocery store (for milk and vinegar) and then to a drug store (that sells the laundry detergent I use) and then home. I don’t think I’ve been to so many stores in one day since I was a teenager hitting the mall circuit. My hands are sanitized to death.

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194: Three Finishes

I am very sorry for the lack of editing. I’ve been using Movie Maker for years, even though it’s no longer a supported program and I just had an update on my computer and when I tried to use MM it wouldn’t do ANYTHING. You could load the raw file in but as soon as you tried to edit it would give an error and if you tried to track down solutions it just sent you to a page saying that the program is no longer available for download and to use Windows Photos instead. Which program barely lets you edit… you can trim off from the beginning or end, but I can’t figure out anyway to take out useless chunks from the middle. I don’t want to have to learn “real” video editing software. I just want to cut out the ums and the shakey bits and I hope this short video doesn’t make you seasick.

Ugh. Anyway. Take care everyone! We’ve just gone back into deeper lockdown (various things are open, but many things are not. I’m not able to work from home, but if staff are able they’re required to do so and you’re not allowed to meet with anyone at all, unless you are a person who lives alone), which is a good thing as the old corona virus is running rampant through our province. (I mean… in the entire country, I think we have the third largest population, but our actual numbers per day are the highest. We’ve got the same/slightly higher numbers as Ontario and they’ve got triple our population. So. Our jackass premier has literally passed laws making it illegal to protest for virtually anything, including by taking strike action, without getting permission from the government, but he’s still letting other no-mask jackasses protest without ticketing or jailing them, so you can take a good guess what kind of fool is in charge right now. ANYWAY.)