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TTMT #141 – Just a few things I’m working on

And a minute of Henry, along with a demonstration of my inability to say “TTMT” – I probably need more practice.

12 thoughts on “TTMT #141 – Just a few things I’m working on

  1. I quite like that second to last one that you showed.. there’s something kind of land-scapey about it.

    That really sucks about the electricity in Molly’s house! I hope it gets sorted soon!


    1. Thanks. It had to be lightning because I can’t throw the breaker switch on the A/C and Molly’s room at the same time. All back on once my brother got over there, and I always unplug Molly when not in use anyway because of how many electrical storms we get. But she WAS in use and I don’t like that. We’re also using old wiring because the new wiring is done but not yet connected. We’ll get there one day. It’s all good now.


  2. Designing and maintaining a website is a never-ending job. I wish you luck!

    You have been so busy designing!!

    Your big ole baby is such a cutie pie. I have raised lots of kittens (obviously, lol!) but never one quite that BIG! Kitties will blink at you to say they love you, but I haven’t ever seen one wink unless they had something in their eye. I’d be curious to know what your vet says.


    1. I think I was prepared for the constant upkeep and maintenance, I just didn’t realize the million decisions that have to be made when creating it. If I had my company “running” publicly, I would probably have had some of the decisions made. I’m getting there, though. I know you work very hard on maintaining all of your sites we enjoy so much. This is just at a time when I am trying to do much other stuff to get launched. And then there are those unexpected interruptions like a Hurricane that is tied for the worst ever to hit our country. It just piles on sometimes.

      I’m thinking you’re right about the winking. Blinking is sweet. He’s really trying, but I think he just can’t physically do it. So I’m going to stop. He mimics a lot of what I do. I thought it would be cute if I could teach him to do that…but we’re working on other things. He still loves to play tag–usually when I’m working on the computer, but I indulge him, get up, and chase him down to tag him. It just makes him so happy. He used to jump up on the table or counter to see what’s going on–now if he stretches really high he can just put his front paws up and have a look. He really looks like his leopard side when he does that.

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  3. I love the Fleur de Les Saints quilt. The grunge fabrics will work great.
    Henry is getting so big. He’s a beautiful cat with big spots and personality.
    The mod quilts are looking good. I like the shoo fly like one.


    1. This is the second time I responded to your comment and it didn’t show up. Yes, I think the grunge will be a good toning-down of the formality of the Saints quilt.

      Henry turned 6 months old last week and weighs 10 pounds. Yikes! One of factors in choosing this breed was how nice and big they are, but when he walks across me in bed it’s 10 pounds!
      I sure enjoyed my month of modern quilts, and it is showing up in my applique this month. Oh, well, I’ve embraced the fact that I am a modern quilter.

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        1. You’re probably on to something. Most of my applique is modern because the more traditional things are easier to either traditionally piece or paper piece. I am also tending to “add” some applique to some things for that same reason. I recently realized that there are not a lot of nice quilt patterns for advanced/experienced quilters. I think to some extent designers limit themselves to what they think is marketable, which is kinda dumbing down the patterns. While I understand that, there are experienced quilters who may enjoy a good challenge. I’m studying applique while still in a modern mode, so I think that’s where we’re heading now.

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  4. The Saints quilt is one of my favorites. I’m working on so many of them right now. I think the grunge is nice for it…it’s kind of a more formal design but the grunginess works with it.

    Henry is just what I need right now. Just turned 6 months old and is 10 pounds. He plays with me, keeps my thinking, and cuddles with me. Sometimes I look at his face when he’s trying to figure something out and wonder if he’s smarter than I am. I give him mental challenges and he figures it out after a while. He and my brother play at night and they try to outsmart each other…he is WAY overeducated and Henry’s got 6-months of figuring out his instincts so far. They take turns with who’s-the-smartest.

    Yes, the modern ones were really fun. As I transition into Aplique for September, the modern is still showing in my designs. I have a big applique quilt in my head running around, so by the end of September hopefully I’ll have that one worked out and out of there.


  5. Your quilt designs remind me of a book I bought for knitted blankets years ago called “Wooly Thoughts”. Filled with abstract and optical illusions. You might get quite a following with those quits. I know someone that’s all she knits. Some folks just dig the illusion designs and that’s all they want to make.

    Henry is quite the mini tiger! What a big kitty. And feisty!


  6. I hope you’re right because there will be a good bit of that on my website when I finally get it done. I know several of my friends love the designs but are intimidated when it comes to making them. We’ll soon find out.

    Henry is learning more and more each day, and it’s fun to watch, but sometimes I wonder if he’s going to attack, kill, and eat me one day. I guess we’ll find out about that, too.


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