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TTMT #128 Happy December

11 thoughts on “TTMT #128 Happy December

  1. Congratulations on completing a half marathon. That took a lot of determination and time to prepare for it. The friends quilt looks good so far. Hopefully, the fabric you ordered shows up soon.
    The Tula butterfly quilt is going to be neat. All those scrumptious fabrics Rainy sent are great.
    Spending time with family is the best.


    1. Thank You
      I sign up for 3 Half’s this year. So it’s kind of just continuing the running habits to do it now. But it felt good to complete it.

      I desperately hope the fabric shows up. Most of it can be replaced but one item was the last one in stock. So fingers crossed 🤞🏻

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  2. Oh the tula buttterfly. The shop was going to do a sew along just using fabrics from our color wall, but the person that was going to host it just backed out. So now we just have the patterns for sale in the shop. It is a pretty quilt.

    You are so busy! I’m so excited for Miss S. You should be proud, and so should she. She worked so hard on that. Before you build the crate from scratch, check out harbor freight (search weatherproof case). They sell them for various size tools and equipment and guns, etc. They might have something for which you could just customize the inside padding with your 3d printer and foam. Sweetwater sells the music and lighting cases at a discount, but they are still pretty pricy. My brother has bought stuff from them and likes them a lot.


    1. Ugh how annoying that they backed out. I’m looking forward to it. I’m not sure I will make mine like the pattern. I may just make it completely wild. It should be fun once I conquer the circles.

      I’m so excited for her. I obviously think her stuff is great but I don’t really know what’s good or not for competition. The whole experience is so good for her regardless of outcome. That was just a fantastic bonus.

      Definitely plan to look more for a container. Her model is just so large most bins at Home Depot were to small. We went through everything we had in the house until I go to an oversized thing that finally worked for the bus ride. It definitely would not make it on a plane. So I’ll look at the previous kids box to get an idea of what held up on the plane and go from there. Buying would be fabulous but not likely in the budget unless
      I can do something like you suggested. Definitely plan to use foam and printed wedges or wood depending on what we need.

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      1. It wasn’t a problem because I’m sure the patterns will sell regardless and she let me know before I launched the sewalong on the website, so we didn’t have anyone signed up yet. It’s all good.


  3. Hey there, busy lady, welcome back!

    You should absolutely be proud of your kiddo. First place and all that comes with it is an amazing accomplishment!

    Woo for your Friends quilt. It looks amazing. I’ve been hearing lots of stories about delayed mail. Hopefully yours poofs back into existence soon!

    The butterfly looks amazing, but I also feel the same way about circles! How awesome of Rainey to share with you. I really hope it’s smooth sailing!

    My house won’t be quite as full of yours, but we also have a some vacation coming up and I’m thinking there’s not going to be a whole heck of a lot going on around here when that starts!


  4. Jennifer!!!!

    Nice to see you again. Congrats to your daughter on her hard work! It really paid off.
    Loving the Friends blocks…I just couldn’t start another QAL, but I love it. I started the Office and I think I just did one Prison Mike block.

    Tula’s Butterfly will be great. Are they actually circle blocks or curved piecing?
    I actually prefer curved piecing to half square triangles…I know CRAZY!
    I’ll check if I have yellow Tula.

    Glad you’ll have a pretty full nest. We’re travelling to VA after xmas to meet with our boy and some of hubby’s family. P’s taking the gmats on the 28th and has been studying hard. He didn’t want to get distracted with xmas before the test. These are all words I never thought would come out of my mouth in regard to him. LOL!!!!

    Happy holidays!!!! Enjoy!!!!


  5. Congrats to your kid – how exciting!

    The Friends blocks look really great.. hope you find time to squeeze it in, but spending time with your family is better,.. so you’ll get there when you get there right?

    I look forward to seeing your Tula butterfly once you start working on it! I started one a few years ago (using fabric from Anna Maria Horner) but didn’t get very far before I got distracted by something else. Mine was the old pattern though.. not sure how they differ! I did 2 circle blocks and don’t remember how the pattern suggested doing them, but I appliqued circles over a background, rather than piecing it.


    1. Very exciting for her. It should really help beef up her résumé for college.

      Definitely looking forward to seeing my peeps. I have no real timeframe for this. I may enter in a local show if I get it done in time. Otherwise I will just gift it when it’s complete.

      I haven’t decided on my background yet for this one. I bet your fabrics are fabulous. I may modify it for the circles. I never ever enjoy them. I’ll give them a honest go of it before modifying

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