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TTMT 3/29/22: Busy, busy, busy!

I am just about to reach my goal for 2022. I had hoped to make 12 charity quilts for 2022 in addition to any that I made for personal use or to give to family/friends. Earlier this month I sent 3 charity (I think) to Jennifer O. for Linus. In the past couple of weeks I have finished 4 more tops for Linus and 3 wheelchair or lap quilts tops for Cancer Services here near me which I plan to TRY to quilt myself with simple straight line stitching. We’ll see how that goes.

Two weeks ago (my last post) I mentioned that I had completed a quilt top for Garrick and my my Year of Doom quilt for Tim and me. Well, I lied about the YOD (inadvertently). I decided to add something to it and have now completed it. Jennifer R. will be getting those for her yummy quilting very soon.

In the next couple of days, I will try to post pics of the 9 quilts I’ve finished in March.

8 thoughts on “TTMT 3/29/22: Busy, busy, busy!

    1. I didn’t do all of that in one week. The YOD has been in progress for about a year and am just now finishing it up. The rest were done in the past month; the majority of which in the past 2 weeks.

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  1. Oh my, you have been busy! I do think I still have a couple of quilt tops to go from your donation. The first one went out this month. Thank you for including my Linus group in your donations. ♥

    I can’t wait to see your other personal projects. I am sure they will be beautiful!


    1. After doing nothing for several months, it feels good to be anxious to get myself in the sewing room. I am thrilled with my YOD and cannot wait to get it off to Jen R. It is not like anything I’ve ever made, nor have I ever seen anything quite like it. It’s also the only quilt that I’ve made that is wider than it is long.

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  2. Wow, go Susan! You have been so productive, I bet that makes you happy. 🙂

    You can totally straight line quilt them! I have also marked designs on quilts for quilting on my domestic years ago with masking tape. I used my walking foot and stitched on either side of the tape and then peeled it off. it worked really well! I can send you photos if you want to see them. Also I wanted to ask you if you have considered trying to quilt using your embroidery machine. We just got a new system in at the shop by Kimberbell and it looks pretty interesting. It’s a system for using your embroidery machine to quilt your quilts. I’m not sure if you do it BEFORE joining the blocks into a top or if you use it after the top is pieced, but I can ask our resident Kimberbell expert when she is back in the shop later this week.

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    1. I have thought about using masking tape to mark the quilt and about using my embroidery machine to quilt it. My largest problem is sandwiching the quilts. I can’t get down on the floor to do it and I don’t have a surface large enough to lay it out.


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