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TTMT # 140 – 2021 Shop Hop Part 1

12 thoughts on “TTMT # 140 – 2021 Shop Hop Part 1

  1. Oh Hello Henry!

    I have that orange dot fabric. So many pretty colors you got there. The giraffe quilt is so cute.

    Nice haul on the fabric.

    You are a busy lady! That’s a lot of designs.

    There are a huge number of white grunge. Took me forever to find the right one last time I had to match them. I ended up buying a bolt.
    Can you ever have enough grunge?

    Happy Crafting


    1. I have one more shop then I’m finished shopping for a long whilte.

      I’ve been looking at all the white grunges, and I landed on Paper White. It doesn’t have pink or yellow like some of the others. I’m happy with it. Some of the others are really pretty, though. It was a tough choice. No, you can never have enough grunge. If I buy more white, I’ll put a sticker on it with the name of it in case I need to match it. Although a bolt wouldn’t hurt. I’m working on modern quilts now, so there may be a lot of white.


  2. The giraffe quilt is cute. The spotted fabric will work great for that. The Picasso quilt is very interesting. All the fabric will come in handy making all the baby quilts you have planned.


  3. Lady, that giraffe is awesome! I don’t enjoy the appliqué process, but it is super duper cute! Your fabrics are just great.

    The shop hop sounds like it was really fun with some good shopping!

    The purple and black reminds me of a lunch bag I made for our friend hardhatcat YEARS ago. It was just stripes, nothing fancy.


    1. Thanks…the giraffe is just kinda fun. I used to hate applique, but am getting used to it. I’m using invisible thread now–which is quite challenging with my eyes–but I slow down and the end result is worth it.

      I’m happy with my fabrics. I have now hit 8 out of 9 shops and have 12 projects ready to start. I’m waiting until Saturday for the last shop (they had to close due to COVID exposure and I want to wait until the last day to put the maximum time between that and me seeing them. I wish I could skip one, but the good rewards are for hitting all 9.

      I bet Cat loved that! We’ll see what mine ends up looking like.

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  4. Your hop sounds much better than the one we have here. I would love for all the quilt shops in the state to get together, or maybe a couple in each quadrant of the state so you could make a road trip to visit them all, that would be fun. They could even put together a bus tour for a long weekend or something.

    I really love that fabric you got at the shop that’s not in the hop, especially the polka dots.

    Oh Henry, such tiny mews for such a big boy!


    1. We have a log of shops in the state, and 9 participated this year. It fluctuates between 9 and 10. I think there’s a waiting list. We sure enjoy it. The shop that is not in the hop is only about 2 years old and in the old French Quarter in New Orleans. She has a different, fun stock.

      Henry is getting louder. He’s not 6 months old yet, so he still has his baby voice. But he’s learning he can be loud when he wants to. He’s in that stage where he’s discovering new sounds he can make and playing with it–like an infant. He has 2 more I know of that I haven’t heard from him, but he’s got quite the repertoire. I love when he tries a sound at several different octaves and then volumes. It’s fun to see him discover himself and the world. You may have just heard his polite whisper voice that he saves for videos.


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