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Happy 10 Year TTMT Anniversary!!!

16 thoughts on “Happy 10 Year TTMT Anniversary!!!

  1. Lunaneela!!!!!!! I missed you!!!!

    I would love to see your cards. I love making greeting cards. I try to learn a new technique on each one (like I do with quilts for the most part). I also like that they are small and fast and less of a commitment.

    The crochet blanket is beautiful. Love the colors. The first thing I thought was how nice and dense it looks.

    Thanks so much for coming by. Hope to see you soon.


  2. I like the colors in your son’s crocheted Afghan. Scrappy anything is fun.

    I would love to see your handmade cards.


      1. It’s definitely different from Livejournal, isn’t it? I like it quite a bit, but according to a notice I just got a couple days ago from WP I just hit my 8 year anniversary with WP (which is crazy!) so maybe I’m just used to it.

        Anyway, I hope you figure things out and keep popping by!


  3. I just totally yelled OMG! when I saw you had posted a video. It is so good to see and hear you again. Yay! I hope you and your kids are doing well and I hope we get to hear from you again here on WP.


    1. Thank you Jewells!!! It is so good to be back!!! I’ve got lots of news to report!! I do plan on posting more regularly after I get back from a trip next week. Till then happy crafting!! I am trying to get the hang of word press πŸ™‚


  4. Hi! I’m new to the group–was nice to see your face. Crochet was my first big craft I got hooked on. I don’t like it now because it irritates my fingers (I have neuropathy in my outer fingers on both hands), but man, do I still love to see those afghans in progress! And I would love to see your card art… πŸ™‚


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