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TTMT 1/22/20: No video

But I do have a couple of pics.  Finished the Sesame Street quilt top.  It is bigger than I had planned, but I just could not  stop making the blocks.  As you can see, my blocks were all different sizes (I’m sure it was my fault) but I added an extra sash or two in most of them to make them all the same.  But I love that the the block are a bit up and down and I love the ducks in the corners!!!  Now to find the backing fabric and get it quilted.  

So here is a picture of the quilt (the lighting in here is dark so I had to lighten it up quite a bit) and the little rock star who is going to receive it.

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TTMT 1/14/2020: Short & Sassy

Mug rug design is by  They have a bunch of great designs (many are free) and they all stitch out great.




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“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

I don’t have a video this week because I can’t figure out how to film with my newish computer.  I hope to have it sorted by next week.

I hope you all had happy holidays.  I did.  It started a bit frantic with me trying to finish everything before the Christmas party at Pat and Vanessa’s, but I “gotter done”.  I would show you pictures but forgot to take any before I wrapped them and then didn’t take any pictures at the party.  Duh!

Last Saturday we gathered again at P&Vs for Garrick’s 2nd birthday and had a fine time with a bunch of family and friends.  Garrick had a blast opening presents and showing off for everybody. (His birthday is today.)  Garrick knows how to strum. He’s checking out what his daddy’s doing (overseen by Pop-pop) and then trying it out on his little guitar/ukele).

Last night we went with P, V & G to Carrabba’s for Vanessa’s birthday.  The meal was really good and Garrick and Pop-pop had a great time playing “throw down the napkin and let Pop-pop get pick it up”.

Meanwhile at home, I’ve been trying to declutter my sewing room and, with Tim’s help, I can now walk in without to donate tripping over anything.  Tomorrow I am meeting with someone to donate a stack of things to a local quilt guild for charity quilts.

I’ll shut up now.  I need to go binge watch some TTMT videos!  I’ll talk to you next Tuesday when I’ve got my videoing sorted out.

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TTMT 12/11/19 (on Wednesday of course)

Embroidery designs by Kreative Kiwi.

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TTMT: 12/3/19 – December already???

December is the busiest month for me.  I know it is for most folks but here’s what I have going on during the most wonderful time of the year.

Dec. 1 – Hubby’s birthday.  Very low key this year.  He just didn’t feel like going out or doing much.  I think turning 71 made him a bit blue.

Dec. 19 – Our anniversary.  This is a big one – 50th!!  So far we have made no plans other than going out for a very nice meal.

Dec. 25 – Christmas at Pat & Vanessa’s where we’ll have dinner and exchange gifts.

And then in early January we have Vanessa’s birthday on the 7th and Garrick’s on the 8th.

Now is not the best of times to be in a creative slump but . . .

I have worked on a couple of things this week but don’t have them ready to show yet.  I promise I will be back next week to show off a bit.  Meanwhile I’ll be watching your videos.  Have a crafty week y’all.





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TTMT 11/6/19: I’m baaaaack

Garrick the Grey and the quilt top

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TTMT 9/10/19: Sewing and Procrastinating