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TTMT 5/22/19: I lied

I really did plan to post a video today, but I’m not feeling real well (sinus infection with vertigo).  I expect it will pass in a couple more days.

I am going to post a picture of the blocks I wanted to ask your opinions on.  The 9 blocks are fantasy figures with a book in the middle.  The fabric is pretty busy, but I like it.  Now I’m trying to figure out how to finish it.  Should I sash?  If so, what color(s) should I sash with?

The embroidered characters show up better in person than they do in the picture.

PS: they haven’t been trimmed yet. They were embroidered on 10″ squares and will be trimmed to 9 1/2″.


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5/20/19: No video today

I’ll try to post one tomorrow.  having problems with vertigo.

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TTMT 5/14/20: Hey y’all!

Oops, I had it set on private.  I hope it’s working now.

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TTMT 5/8/2019: No video this week

This has been an emotional week.  I found out Thursday morning that my brother had died. The service was Monday in Holden Beach, NC which is about 350 miles from us.  Tim and I don’t drive long distances any more, so we were trying to figure out how to get down there.  My niece has a condo she rents out in Oak Island – about 35 miles from Holden – and it was not rented this week so she let us have it.  We went down Sunday morning and got home about an hour ago. I’m exhausted.  I’ll catch up with your videos tomorrow or Friday and will talk with you next Tuesday.

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TTMT 4-30-19: UFO Finish and More

Look at that scrunchy face!

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TTMT 4/25/19: No Video this week

Still having some headaches nearly every day.  No fun but not horrible but I can’t watch videos for long.  I have finally finished watching all of this week’s videos so far and will be commenting.

I have been doing some sewing this week.  I started and completed a quilt top; completed a UFO (only needed to bind it) and made a hedgehog block.  So I’ll definitely have some things to show next week

And I had a pretty good Easter.  I got to see the Easter Bunny below.  (Bow ties are cool.)


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TTMT 4-16-19: Funny Faces