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TTMT 3/31/20: Clover All Over Take 2

Quilt and family update.

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TTMT 3/24/20: Sewing and Rambling

On the video I said it was the 23rd,  Oops, it was recorded on the 24th.

WOW! We have a lot of folks posting.  That makes me very happy!!!


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TTMT 3/18/20 – All’s Well at the Pepper Home

Tim and I are well and well-stocked for supplies for the most part.  Our kids (Chris, Pat, Vanessa AND Garrick) all had the flu last week so we have not been around any of them for a couple of weeks.  We did make a couple of supply runs for them but put them on the porch and ran – or what poses for running for a couple of old fogies.

I hope all of you are staying well and crafty.  I haven’t done much this week so far, but plan to get back in the sewing room tomorrow.  Take care all!

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TTMT 3/4/20: Jelly Roll-Out

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TTMT: 2/26/20 – No video this week.

The video recorder on my new computer is not working and my old computer’s battery is completely dead, so no video.  I hope to figure something out for next week.

The last couple of weeks have been challenging.  We found out that the mobile home park we live has been sold and a lot of rumors started about what their plans were for us.  They finally brought around a new lease that tells us more.  They are going to make some changes – rent increase (which we expected) but it wasn’t too bad.  The plan to pave the streets (badly needed), have individual garbage pickup instead of two dumpsters on the premises, and will try to get city permission to add more trailers to the field behind us.  All of those things we can live with.  Tbey also expect some things from the tenants (keeping junk out of the yards, pressure washing your home at least once a year, no cars without license plates, only 2 cars allowed at each home, and a couple of other things.  We have very little to do to be up to their standards so it wasn’t as bad as we feared, and actually sounds like it will be a nicer place when all is said and done.

Then we got the news that Tim’s brother died and of course that was hard on my hubby.  We went to the funeral on Saturday.

As for crafting, I have managed to get a few things done.  I finished 2 quilt tops that were started 5 or 6 years ago (pinwheels).  Then, in an effort to clear out some of my jelly roll strips, I made 3 new baby quit tops (2 jelly roll race and one rail fence).  Jewels and Jennifer O, would either of you want those 3 tops for Linus?  I would be thrilled to send them.

I talked with Jennifer R. and will be sending her Garrick’s Sesame Street quilt and a few other quilt tops to be quilted.  Woo hoo.

So here are some pics of what I’ve done the past couple of weeks.

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TTMT: 2/5/20 – Obsession

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TTMT 1/22/20: No video

But I do have a couple of pics.  Finished the Sesame Street quilt top.  It is bigger than I had planned, but I just could not  stop making the blocks.  As you can see, my blocks were all different sizes (I’m sure it was my fault) but I added an extra sash or two in most of them to make them all the same.  But I love that the the block are a bit up and down and I love the ducks in the corners!!!  Now to find the backing fabric and get it quilted.  

So here is a picture of the quilt (the lighting in here is dark so I had to lighten it up quite a bit) and the little rock star who is going to receive it.