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TTMT 8/14/18: Soaking in the Sun

A few corrections:

  1. The second block I pointed to was not one of mine.  Sorry.
  2. Today is the 14th, not the 12th.

Credit:  The background music is provided by my sweet hubby and his guitar.

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TTMT 8/7/18 (on 8/8)

No video from me this week.  I have made progress on my sewing room – a little.  My problem, besides being old and having no stamina, is that as I am sorting and putting things away, I see some fabric that I had forgotten about and have to start a new project right now!!!  So this time I found some 10″ squares in fabrics that are not my cup of tea but I decided to make a wheelchair quilt and take it to Cancer Services so that they can give it to someone in need.  I’ll show it to you next week; I should have it done by then.

I have about decided how I want to make my TTMT Friendship Cabins quilt.  Now if I can just figure out the math (not my strong suit.  I’ll explain later.

I got to babysit Garrick twice this week while Mommy and Daddy go house hunting.  So are they’ve put bids on 5 houses and didn’t get them.  They found one on Monday and asked their realtor to put a bid on it immediately; but it was already sold before he could fill out the paperwork.  Houses are selling about as soon as they are put on the market.

Here’s my new cutting/pressing station (see I did get something done in the sewing room).DSCF0064


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TTM: 8/1/18

Midnight in the Garden


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TTMT 7/23/18 (Posted on the 25th)

No video this week.  I am currently trying to sort out my sewing room.  It has gotten so bad that I can’t find anything when I need to and just walking in there makes me feel sad.  That’s why I haven’t been as productive as I should be (at least that’s my excuse).

I did get to have breakfast with the lovely Jennifer R. on Monday.  We chatted for a good while and I thoroughly enjoyed our first meet-up.

I’m meeting my friends from where I used to work for lunch on Saturday and I need to have the tee-shirt quilt finished to take to Matai (daughter of one of my former co-workers).  This is our last get-together before she goes off to college.  So, now that I can get to my sewing machine, I will probably be in the sewing room most of today and tomorrow.  But first, I’m going to catch up on your videos.

Love you guys!  Stay crafty and I’ll talk to you next Tuesday.

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TTMT 7/18/18: Itty Bitty Viddy-O

Short video since I haven’t finished much this week.  But I do have a new picture of Garrick (of course).


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TTMT 7/10/18 – Susan’s Sewing is Sparse

Pardon the glare.

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TTMT (Talk to Me Thursday): 7/5/18