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TTMT: 7/7/20 – Coasting Along

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TTMT(OW): TTMT On Wednesday (as usual)

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TTMT 6-5-20: Ohhh, I’m halfway there

I couldn’t add the photos to the end of the video, so I’m putting them here.  I’ve had a difficult time with the videoing this week.  Hopefully next week will be better.

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TTMT 5/19/20: Not Quite Ready

I’ve working on what I hope will be a special quilt project.  Don’t have enough done to show yet.  Hopefully I’ll be able to show you next week. (Actually you have already seen part of it.)

I’ll be watching your videos .  I need to catch up on last week’s and watch this week’s.

Stay safe my friends, and I’ll talk to you next week.


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TTMT: 5/12/20 – This, That and The Other

All of the embroidery designs are by Kreative Kiwi.

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TTMT 4/29/20: Health update

Best news ever!  It seems the stress test presented a false positive and the cath showed no sign of any blockage!  Color me happy!

Patrick has been out of work for about a month and was having trouble getting his unemployment check.  Today he got the news that he has been approved and will receive the checks as well as a check for the past 4 weeks!  Hooray!!!

Tim has been so worried about Pat and me, that he’s been pretty depresssed. Today is the first day I’ve seen him truly happy for the first time in a month!

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TTMT 4/27/20: Update

Hiya friends.  I won’t be posting a video this week because I have some things happening and you guys are about to be the only ones to know (except immediate family).  I had a video consultation with a cardiologist a couple of weeks ago and she and I decided to do a stress test and echocardiogram last week.  The tests showed that there may be a bit of blockage in my aorta so Wednesday I’ll go to the hospital and have a heart catheterization to see if there is a blockage and, if there is, how much.  If all is well, I’ll go home in 6 to 10 hours.  If they decide to put in stents, I’ll have to spend the night.

I’m really not worried for myself but I am worried about Tim.  He always wants to be with me for appointments and he can’t be at the hospital this time.  I know he is going to go crazy waiting at home for the phone call to either come and get me or tell him I’ll be spending the night.  Patrick called him tonight and invited him to come to their house and spend the day with him, Vanessa and Garrick.  I thought that was a lovely gesture.  I don’t know if he will do it, but I know it meant a lot to him to be asked.

Anyway, please send good thoughts, prayers, healing light, or whatever and I’ll let you know either Wednesday or Thursday how things went. Love you guys!!!

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TTMT 4/14/20: Bunny & Beverages

I kinda cut it off abruptly, but what I was going you say is that I’ll be watching you guys.


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TTMT 3/31/20: Clover All Over Take 2

Quilt and family update.

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TTMT 3/24/20: Sewing and Rambling

On the video I said it was the 23rd,  Oops, it was recorded on the 24th.

WOW! We have a lot of folks posting.  That makes me very happy!!!