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TTMT 7-17-19: I’m getting to Sesame Street

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TTMT 6/26/19: Funny Faces

I haven’t made a video this week but I have made 3 new Funny Faces blocks:  Big Bird, Cookie Monster and The Count to keep Elmo company.  I have Oscar ready to go and Bert & Ernie waiting in the wings.  I hope to have those done for next week.

The paper is still on the blocks, they haven’t been trimmed and pressed so they look a mess, but in person they don’t look too bad.

Thinking about all of you!!!  IMG_20190626_192144

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TTMT 6-18-19 – On Time for a Change


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TTMT 6/12/19 No finishes this week

1st Picture is my closet.  The container is all my 2 1/2 strips. I’ve got a bunch.  I just watched this and saw that some of the pics were sideways.  Sorry about that!  But even though they look messy, they are at least everything is sorted and in the right place except for the one pile on the floor and the embroidery table.  I’ll be going through the pile and sorting this week.

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TTMT 6-6-19: QAL Progress

  1. Shiny Happy World Block 3 of the Funny Faces QAL – Unicorn
  2. Block 1 of the Choose Your Own Adventure QAL – Elmo
  3. Finished Quilt Top!  YAY!!!
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TTMT 5/28/19: Just checking in

I’m not posting a video this week because I really don’t have anything much to show. I’ve been working on the QAL and have my first block done (Elmo) and hope to have a couple more by next week.  I have also made my next block for the funny faces QAL (Harrison Horse) and I’ll show it next week too.  I have also made 5 squares for a quilt I started a year or two ago.  One more and I’ll be able to sew the last row and put it all together.  It’s going to be huge.  Hope I can show it to you next week too.

But I do have some news.  I mentioned a month or so ago that I might have to move.  Well, it looks like that is not going to happen.  I can now explain a bit.  Last Sunday our landlord and friend of 36+ years died.  He had a heart attack just about a month ago and we weren’t sure what was going to happen with the mobile home park.  We didn’t know if he or his son would be able to keep it and take care of it or if he or his son planned to sell it.  His son assured one of my neighbors that he was not planning to sell it. He is selling his father’s house which is in front of the park.  But he plans to keep the park in the family and let his cousin take it over.  So for now at least we don’t have to worry about that.

I’m enjoying your videos!


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TTMT 5/22/19: I lied

I really did plan to post a video today, but I’m not feeling real well (sinus infection with vertigo).  I expect it will pass in a couple more days.

I am going to post a picture of the blocks I wanted to ask your opinions on.  The 9 blocks are fantasy figures with a book in the middle.  The fabric is pretty busy, but I like it.  Now I’m trying to figure out how to finish it.  Should I sash?  If so, what color(s) should I sash with?

The embroidered characters show up better in person than they do in the picture.

PS: they haven’t been trimmed yet. They were embroidered on 10″ squares and will be trimmed to 9 1/2″.