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TTMT 11/14/18: PoD Quilted by Jennifer Rowles!

#JenniferRowlesIsMasterful #HappyMe #Time2Bind

Weather permitting, I’ll show the whole quilt next week.

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TTMT 11/6/18 – Short and Sweet

I hope you had a great Halloween.  We had double our normal 3 trick or treaters.  Plus some were accompanied by their teenage brother and sister, so we were able to give out about all of the treats.

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TTMT 10/31/18 – Happy Howl-o-ween

My video plus my little punkin-head without his pumpkin head.

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TTMT 10/24/18: A little quilting; a lotta Garrick

Pictures: Green star quilt top finished and Lilith approved; Halloween quilt completed; Garrick at play at Nana’s; Grandpop singing Garrick to sleep (it worked); Lilith, the Guardian of the Quilts!

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TTMT 10/16/18 – On Tuesday (just barely)

I wear almost everything I eat. This time it was a Klondike bar.  I need to hone my editing skills so you won’t see that.  Silly Susan strikes again!!!

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TTMT 10/11/18: Late again

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TTMT 10/3/18: The world keeps spinning

At least my world is spinning. I am experiencing a bout of vertigo so I won’t be filming today. This happens occasionally and it will pass in a couple of days.

I have been in the sewing room some this week but don’t have any finishes to show for it.  I work on one thing for a little while and then the next.  I am making progress on several things.  I’m thinking I’ll have a lot to show in a couple of weeks (fingers crossed).

Meanwhile, I will be enjoying your videos.