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TTMT 2/13/18

Hi gang. I won’t be posting a video tonight because I really don’t have anything to show and I’m just not feeling great. My lower back started hurting this afternoon (in the left kidney area) and I fear I either have a urinary tract or kidney infection. There are a couple of other symptoms but I’ll spare you the details.

Anyway I have finished putting the PoD together and have started quilting it to the backing.  It’s coming along okay but even though I pinned and pinned it, when I sewed it down, it became puckery.  I’ve taken out some stitches, but I really really don’t want to rip them all out. I’m going to drop back and think about this one a while.

I got two quilts back from Missouri Star. I’m binding one and will start the other when this one is done.  Nice little bit of stitching while I watch the Olympics or my girl Rachel Maddow.  Hopefully next week you’ll get to see 3 completed quilts.

Now hear’s a pic by Obnoxious Nana:

Garrick and Nana 2-5-18

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TTMT 2-6-18 on 2-7-18 (Almost made it on time 1:00 am)

Happy birthday Robin!

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TTMT 1-30-18

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TTMT 1/23/18 – Couldn’t think of a catchy title

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TTMT 1/16/18 – And the Saga Continues

Sitting in the dark.  Sorry about the glare.

Also sorry about the lip!  Got chapped lips sitting in the hospital last week and that caused a fever  blister.  YUCK.

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TTMT 1-10-18

By the way, we ended up in a local motel Monday night – most expensive but best bath I’ve ever had!  When we got home yesterday afternoon, we had water.  Luckily no pipes burst during the freeze!

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Happy New Year: Out With the Old – In With the New

Sorry for the length of the slide show.  I haven’t figured out how to make it show a picture for less time.

One project for 2018 I forgot to mention is a t-shirt quilt for a friend who is graduating from high school this year.  She’s going to UNC-Wilmington next year so the  borders will be in their colors.