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TTMT Supplement: Does anyone want some Christmas fabric?

I have some Christmas fabric that I would like to pay forward.  It consists of the following:  Scraps (less than fat quarter), fat quarters,  a few panels and some yardage. If your are interested, I’ll be glad to send you whatever you want (for yourself, for prizes or for charity quilts – whatever).

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TTMT 5/15/18: Accomplishments!!

First off, I have a very short video.  I was using my camera and it cut off.  I have accomplished a few things this week – YAY!

(1) I finished Ezra’s quilt.  I love how bright and colorful Ezra’s quilt is.

(2) i made one more block for the POD for my nephew and his wife.

(3) I have ironed the stabilizer onto the t-shirt logos for Matai’s quilt and trimmed them down.  I will now work on making all the blocks the same size; I think that will it easier to put together.  I’m hoping to have the top put together by next week’s video.

(4) I’ve also been doing some spring cleaning. This is a MAJOR effort since this house hasn’t had a good cleaning in at least 5 years (before the cancer, surgery and recovery).  I’ve been trying to get things done, but it’s really too big a task for me so I’ve hired a cleaning crew to come in tomorrow and deep clean my kitchen, living room and guest bath.  I think I can handle the bedroom, master bath and my sewing room.  Tim is on his own with his hobby room!

Anyway, here’s today’s video (and a couple of Garrick pics from Mother’s Day).


Garrick with his dad and Grandpop; and with Nana, Grandma and Mommy.

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TTMT 5/8/18 – Spring is definitely here!!!

One thing I didn’t mention in the video is the reason today was an up-and-down day: today would be my mother’s 98th birthday and I’ve had her on my mind all day.  She died 43 years ago and I still miss her.

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TTMT 5/1/18 – It’s May!!!

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TTMT 4/24/18: No video today

I don’t have anything finished to show you; but even if I did, I couldn’t.  Tim took pity on me and my broken down computer and bought me a new one.  (Thoughtful husband’s are the best!!!) However, that means for the past couple of days I’ve been getting stuff transferred over, getting the sites I visit most opened back up (just remembering passwords and/or changing passwords has been a hassle), installing my programs like Embrilliance,  and just getting used to the new electronic baby.  Good news, I don’t have to plug in a second keyboard and I can now print from my laptop. Something had corrupted the other one and it would no longer communicate with my printer. After spending 3 hours with the tech guy on the phone and getting nowhere but frustrated to tears, Tim said, “Let’s go get you a new computer.” I was in the car so fast that I had to wait for him a few minutes.

If I can get my video program set up in the next day or two, and if I get anything finished, I’ll film later in the week. If not I’ll film next week.  I’m enjoying your videos!

Rainey, I got your second block. Would you like me to send it to the June recipient with mine?

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TTMT 4/17/18 – Long & Boring (sorry)

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TTMT 2/10/18 – Sunshine & Happiness

Well, mostly happiness. Right now a bit frustrated with my laptop. 4 letters  have decided to quit working so I have a keyboard next  to me to type in those 4 letters when needed. Sigh . . .   The letters in question are asdf.  (After sending off the IRS check, it will be a while before I can get a new one.)

The video is  a mess, but I am going to go ahead and post it.  Sorry.