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TTMT Crochet Madness

9 thoughts on “TTMT Crochet Madness

  1. You are so good at making those dolls! The thing I’ve found with patterns is that now that pretty much anyone can publish one for sale thanks to the internet, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are well written. 😉 That’s why I love the FiS pp patterns compared to many others I’ve found, FiS at least has some good quality control in place with regard to testing. I wish all designers, whatever the craft, would get them tested by other crafters and ask for their suggestions with regard to amending them.


    1. I just dont understand the pattern thing , i love supporting independent designers and using Etsy , but honestly there should perhaps be a clearer policy for testing.

      I just love making the doll s, although I really need to figure out something to do with them before they take over. I wanted to donate o charity but the rules here are so strict with testing that this is unfeasible.


  2. I really like the Niffler and the doll with the bunny ears. All the dolls are fabulous. I wish I could crochet like that. Granny squares are about all I can handle! LOL! Agree….let’s have a clean sweep of the media/politicians here too. It gets all so ridiculous.


  3. Oh my goodness, lady, you just keep getting better! I definitely think you’d be able to work up your own pattern or adjust one you’ve already made.

    Also? I feel for your winter queen. She’s built just like me! 😉

    Oh, I am SO GLAD to hear you’ve been vaccinated! Every time one of my friends has their jab, I want to have a little party. I’m still on the waiting list, but it’s moving along (there’s an actual progress bar!) and I know we’ll get there. I haven’t heard a huge amount about side effects in the press here, but most of our press tends to be politics. Blech.


  4. It’s a crochet-a-palooza!

    The Niffler definitely is pretty clear but I look forward to seeing Haunted Mansion wallpaper design in that style. Great idea.

    The little dolls are so cute, especially the bunny girl. Adorable!

    Yay for getting vaccinated—feels to me like COVID side effects is almost all that’s on the news here.


  5. March was so fast this time around sun.
    Yay for vaccine!!!! That would make me nuts to listen to them go on about the Vaccine. The press here has been covering your vaccine a lot. So I can imagine it’s crazy there.

    Oooooh I love that crotchet block! I’m terrible at the counting. I get distracted and forget where I’m at.

    The purple wallpaper would be super cool.

    I love your People & Critters. You are really so good at this. They are so adorable. You really should have an Etsy ( or UK version) shop for your goods. So lovely!

    Happy Crocheting 🧶


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