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TTMT #16 – I think :P

Yay!  I made it…it’s still Tuesday.

8 thoughts on “TTMT #16 – I think :P

  1. Sooooo, is this class going to be all day long, because that is a LOT of projects! I’m guessing you’re planning to stretch out over various weeks? Or will people get to pick and choose from the projects, because that would be fun too. They are all fun projects! Good to see you again and good luck with the class.


    1. Yes, it will be from 9-5. The projects go by pretty quickly so we will see how it goes. I may regret all the projects. LOL


  2. Sewtopia sounds like fun! A beginning sewist should come out of there with a much better grasp of sewing fundamentals and everybody will come out with some cute projects. I especially like the bee-in-a-bowl.


    1. I am hoping to get beginners hooked 🙂 I will try to get them into quilting at the next session sometime in the summer.


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