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Happiest of birthdays TTMT!

I’d hoped to make a video but looks like it’s not going to happen by the end of April (aka today).  But anyhoo…I wanted to stop in and say happy 10th to a wonderful group!  That’s no mean feat anywhere, but it’s especially impressive on the Internet where things can disappear overnight. I can’t remember what year I joined on Live Journal, but TTMT is the one good thing that came out of my experience on that site.  I was so glad to find such a great group of people and glad it’s been able to continue!  Our Fearless Leader Jennifer keeps us positive and encourages creativity in everyone and I’m sure I join with everyone else here by saying THANK YOU Jennifer for your hard work and dedication!  May there be many more years to come.

I realized today I haven’t made a video in two years.  TWO YEARS, y’all!  It’s been partially due to me, and my family,  having multiple health issues and putting out one “dumpster fire” after another.  Ergo there has been zero creativity in that time….so nothing to show in videos.  As the song goes, “There’s a light at the end of the tunnel/Lord I hope it ain’t no train”, so if things settle down a bit here in the next little bit maybe more videos will be in my future.

Meanwhile, Happy Birthday, and thank you for many years of sharing your creativity and friendship! Love to you all……

4 thoughts on “Happiest of birthdays TTMT!

  1. I, too, had to put out years of dumpster fires, and when I returned Jennifer, the “old” people, and the “new” people made me feel like I had come home. There’s just no place more comfortable for me than TTMT. I’m so glad you stopped by. We’re here when you want to visit again (hopefully soon and often).

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  2. Nice to see you even like this, Laura! I often wonder how you’re doing, and even though I’m not happy to hear about all the continuing difficult times, I’ll keep hoping things will get better for you!

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  3. We love you and miss you Laura! We need you back because you are the only weaver we’ve ever had and it was so interesting to hear about that craft. I totally understand the dumpster fire scenario though. I think we’ve all had a year or two where it seemed that’s all we were doing.

    Take care dear and don’t be such a stranger, video or not. We love to hear from you!


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