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TTMT #435 – jewells68 – August 9, 2022 – Mostly Fabric

In which I talk about my paper piecing class, talk about making pillowcases for Miss P, and then show a whole lot of fabric I probably had no business buying, but it was soooo purty. 😉 And a couple of paper pieced block samples I pieced for my class display. I’m out of town next week, but should be back here in a video the following week. Stay crafty, y’all!

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TTMT #434 – jewells68 – August 3, 2022 – Side by Side

In which I show a finished top for Project Linus and talk about what else I’ve been up to. Covid has really scattered my brain. I left the house today in mismatched flop flops.

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TTMT #433 – jewells68 – July 26, 2022 – Down with the Sickness

In which I show my 12th blanket donation to Project Linus this year, a quilted wall hanging I made last week, and talk about being sick. I’m (hopefully) teaching another paper piecing class this Sunday. It’s sold out so I really hope I don’t have to reschedule. Down below my video I’m including one of my favorite covers because I’ve had it in my head for days.

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A Walk in the (Bio)Park

Today I’m sharing a different kind of post. My daughter Miss P and I spent our morning at the Albuquerque BioPark Zoo. We hadn’t been there since pre-pandemic, and since our last visit they had opened the new Penguin Chill exhibit. OMG I am so glad we went. The penguins are so much fun. It made me so happy watching them from above water and also underneath. It’s a really amazing exhibit. Anyway, I’m sharing the link to my folder on flickr for our trip today. There are photos and videos that I took throughout. the penguins. Oh my, I cannot even express how awesome that exhibit is. We started and ended our visit there. At the end, they were manufacturing snow for the penguins. So many of them were standing there enjoying the snow. One in particular just stood there and did not move. He or she just wanted to stand as the snow fell.

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TTMT #432 – jewells68 – June 28, 2022 – It’s in the Bag

In which I show off my latest finish and also talk about what I am working on at Hip Stitch (and what I’m NOT working on at home, lol… Hard to believe it’s almost July! Stay Crafty, y’all!

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TTMT #431 – jewells68 – June 15, 2022 – So Many Things!

In which I show off the EIGHT blankets I donated this past weekend (7 quilts and 1 crocheted granny-ghan) as well as some random stuff and orphan blocks I brought home to start new ones (of course!). I taught my first class at Hip Stitch and had so much fun that I am looking forward to the next one this weekend!

Just focusing on keeping my brain distracted and busy and try not to dwell about things that are beyond my control.

Stay crafty y’all!

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TTMT #430 – jewells68 – June 7, 2022 – ALL THE BINDING

In which I talk about the 8 (EIGHT!) blankets I’m trying to get finished in time to turn in this Saturday at my monthly Project Linus meeting. Also more about my upcoming classes at Hip Stitch, and, y’all, seriously, life is GOOD.

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TTMT #429 – jewells68 – May 31, 2022 – Cut Off Mid-Senten…

In which I show you a peek at the quilt top I just finished for my nephew Joel (it’s “the one with all the flying geese”) as well as let you take a look at my recently rearranged project room… yes, AGAIN, lol. What’s on the design wall this week? You’ll have to watch to find out!

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I’ve got (a) class

I was determined to post a video this week but it’s Wed afternoon and it just hasn’t happened. It’s not that I am overly busy, but life is happening and I have zero track of time and so I’m just going to call an audible and film later.

I’ve been sewing samples for my very first Paper Piecing class to teach beginners at Hip Stitch. I’m excited and also extremely nervous. I asked to move it up to June from July because the June schedule was fairly open and I didn’t want to wait, I wanted to jump in like pulling off a bandaid! My first class is June 9 and then I also am doing it June 18 for people that need it to be on the weekend.

The pattern calls for 8 different fabrics. So I did one sample that essentially followed the pattern, but I also made one with 5 different fabrics, and then another one this morning that was all one color but 8 different fabrics. I think so far the one color version is my favorite…

Here’s a link to the class so you can see my 3 samples…

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TTMT #428 – jewells68 – May 17, 2022 – So Many Things and a Shark

In which I show a finished quilt top, fabrics and yarns for Project Linus blankets, pieced geese and of course, a shark! Longer than normal, but I promise I actually cut 6 minutes out of this video, so I apologize if it seems a bit choppy but better choppy than put you all to sleep, lol.