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TTMT #267 – jewells68 – May 15, 2018 – Ziggity Zaggity

Woo! I think the mojo is making its way back into my sad non-crafty-type life! Finished Zig Zag quilt and turned into Project Linus! Started GD quilt for my bro. My crafty life is improving!

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TTMT #266 – jewells68 – May 8, 2018 – Absence Makes the Video Longer

So yeah, finished the zig zag quilt top! I would like to finish it in time to turn in at Project Linus this Saturday, but I don’t know that that’s a realistic goal. Other than that, just trying to continue to improve my sewing/quilting space.

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TTMT #265 – jewells68 – April 24, 2018 – Tired Rambles

I sewed a few HST units together. That’s pretty much it. Just blah blah blah about being tired and why. Crafty goals for next week, though!

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No video this week… probably

I am already behind with stuff around the house this week, let alone recording my video, so I am giving myself permission to take this week off. I did start joining the teal hst blocks last Sunday to make my first zig zag quilt for Project Linus, but have not sewn since then. This coming Sunday I have to be at the State Fairgrounds by 8am to help set up for our “Fiestas del Cinco” event put on by our 2 Spanish language stations. We were told to plan to be there until at least 7:30pm. So basically I get a 1 day weekend again. So I am taking it easy leading up to that. I’m not looking forward to being on my feet for that long. I now some people have to do that for work every day, but I am used to sitting at a computer all day long so it’s going to kick my butt, I admit that freely. They might let us come in late on Monday.

Also I recently learned my sister and her husband are heading this way in their “tin can” (they live in a 5th wheel) to spend a few months here in NM, so I need to get some of the common areas of the house seriously cleaned up. I can’t remember the last time my kitchen floor got mopped and I need to replace the toilet seat. They won’t be staying in the house, but I am thinking at some point they might visit the house so I want to get a head start on getting it semi-respectable, lol.

I’m going to go watch some of your videos now, take care and have a crafty and fun and safe week!

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TTMT #264 – jewells68 – April 10, 2018 – Waffling

Thinking out loud is never a good idea in a video, but that’s what you get this week. My brain is clearly not completely back to normal creatively. Trying to make up my mind about a Project Linus quilt which will not get turned in until May, because I just realized last night that the meeting is THIS SATURDAY and there is no way I will get that top finished, let alone quilted and bound, in time. So I’m going to try to finish the crocheted blanket I’ve been working on for months. I have a plan. Now I just need to make it happen.


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TTMT #263 – jewells68 – April 3, 2018 – Fast Finish

By fast I mean the video is relatively short. By finish I mean a quilt top is done and ready to get stuffed in a bag to be quilted at a later time.

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TTMT #262 – jewells68 – March 28, 2018 – Keep Truckin’

In which I talk… a lot… about things I haven’t even started making yet. Jay if you are watching this DON’T or your surprise will be spoilt.

also, I have no idea where the glowing thingy in the freezeframe came from… not me. Weird.