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TTMT #248 – jewells68 – December 5, 2017 – Inside “Studio J”

Well, found an editor I can actually use, FINALLY… I did manage to find a safe download of Windows Movie Maker. It’s the 2012 version which is slightly different than what I was using, but “close enough for rock and roll”.

See my newly rearranged “Studio J” in which I now I have a piecing/basic sewing/fabric wall, design wall, and giant contraption wall, as well as a cutting area that takes up the middle of the space. Stay tuned to see if it stays this way or if I… *gulp* … tear it all down and start over.

Susan, I wanted to make sure to thank you for the awesome surprise package of precuts you sent me. Thank you thank you! They will definitely get used. You are a sweetheart!

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Why must progress be so painful? aka “My Kingdom for a Video Editing Software that doesn’t make me Go Insane”

So, I recorded a video today. I was dressed in actual “leaving the house” clothes. I showed off a finished thing. It was glorious! Or at least, it was an actually video showing my project room, my face and a project. But I have to stop here and explain that due to constant freezing and having to reboot constantly I bought a new computer last week. It’s new, it’s fast, it’s got a big hard drive, it’s got Windows 10… it DOESN’T have Movie Maker, in which I could actually *fairly* competently edit a video. And I learned that, lo and behold, Movie Maker is no more. At least the version I was using on my Windows 7 computer. It’s no longer available for download. And the stuff that IS available for free just… sucks. At least everything I have checked so far.. I would continue my search in the morning, but Phebe had her last finals today, so I took tomorrow off work to drive down to move her back home. Which means I won’t be able to deal with this tomorrow until after dinner, most likely. So if I don’t find something by bedtime tomorrow that I like at least somewhat, I will probably end up recording again and just trying to do it in a single take and add the photos directly to the post here on wordpress. Because right now I want to just throw things. Have a crafty and hopefully non-frustrating week!

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TTMT #247 – jewells68 – November 28, 2017 – King’s Crow Goodbye

This was a rough week for us. Fluffy was having some difficulty getting around starting on Monday, then seemed to be getting better, but on Thursday afternoon, she seemed to suffer some sort of major stroke and we had to say goodbye to her on Friday. It was very sad, but because Phebe was home from school for the holiday, we all three got to say goodbye to her. So i am glad for that. She has been worried all semester that Fluffy would go while she was away at school. Sunday I took Phebe back to university.  We are a house in a combination of mourning and adjustment. Phebe was 4 years old when we took Fluffy in as a stray kitten. So she’s been a part of the family most of Phebe’s life. We are already missing her and remembering all the quirky ways she had.

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TTMT #246 – jewells68 – November 21, 2017 – *coughcough*

Still battling a cough and cold, but slowly on the mend. Happy 21st Bday to my baby girl. We love you!


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No Video Today

I had to leave early to vote in our mayoral runoff election this morning before work. Then at lunchtime I had some problems that led to me talking to a comcast call center person on my lunch break, and now I’m just wiped out. Feeling a bit under the weather. Going to try to get to bed a little early tonight and see if I feel better in the morning but I have the makings of a cold brewing in my cells at the moment I think. Kind of achey and a dry cough and oh so tired. So to make a long story short (too late!) I don’t have a video in me today. I hope to get y’all’s videos watched tomorrow. See you next week!


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TTMT #245 – jewells68 – November 7, 2017 – A Few Things

oops, my title frame has the wrong year. Apparently I traveled in time. Just a few birthday swap goodies and a peek at my “new-to-me” used machine for quilting and a Linus blanket in progress.




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TTMT #244 – jewells68 – October 31, 2017 – Ladybug Ladybug

Happy Halloween! No new crafties from me. Just showing off my birthday swap goodies received over the past week and my costume of the day. Stay Crafty my friends!