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TTMT #706 – Wrapping Things Up

In which I share a few more finished gifts, some Christmas cards, and some news.

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TTMT #705 – Bows & Toes

In which I share more quilts for Linus made by a variety of people, some bows, and talk about my toes!

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TTMT #704 – Feeling Jolly!

In which I share one bound quilt and a slew of holiday crafts. Special thanks to Jeanie for inspiring me to make little stuffed Christmas trees!

Links to lots of things from the video below:

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TTMT #703 – Pile O Quilts

In which I finished quilts, a tip for getting out coffee & tea stains, and even more fun Christmas ornaments made using my Cricut Maker 3!

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TTMT #702 – Cricut Crafting

It’s been a very Cricut week around here!

Me on Cricut Design Space

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TTMT #699 – Getting Ready

Y’all be sure to watch until the end to hear some really fun trick-or-treat goodness!

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TTMT #698 – Boo!

In which I share a couple of small things and tease a Super Secret Project!

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TTMT #687 – The Great Clean-Up

In which I clean, clean, clean my fabric stash and share a gift made for a friend, plus loads of wonderful mail!

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TTMT #686-Goodies From Peoria

In which I share goodies purchased, gifted, & made from (and for!) my Peoria trip!

Stores Visited during our Mini “Shop Hop”:

TTMT friends, please get your t-shirts in the mail! You should have received an email with details last week. ♥

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TTMT #685 – Crafty Gifts

In which me from the past shares some crafty gifts I made for a crafty friend!

The video I mentioned about etching the tumbler…It’s a LONG video and you definitely don’t have to watch the whole thing, but I had time on my hands, so I did!