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TTMT #69 | Unedited Update | 08/18/2020

Hi all, sorry for the delay, I had some trouble uploading this on Tuesday morning… but here it finally is… no glitz… no glam… just tired ol’ me!

10 thoughts on “TTMT #69 | Unedited Update | 08/18/2020

  1. Sooooo! great to see you! I’m so glad you let us know how you are. Sounds like a tough time. I’m sending you hugs. I have enjoyed seeing you create your garden/yard on Instagram. I hope it was not too damaged by the wind. Hang in there – give Jaxon a hug from me.


    1. Thanks, I try to spend as much time in the garden as possible to keep my spirits up. Most things related to it are free, right in my budget. I struggled making masks for a few months leading up to garden season and saved the money to get a new machine, which are still SOLD OUT since the start of the pandemic. I feel so bad, I have had your bag cut, prepped and ready to go, but the way the vintage Singer drops random stitches I know it would not be the best to complete anything large scale. Keep your fingers crossed that the machines start to come back in stock soon. Can you believe that Jaxon will be THREE tomorrow! Where did the time go? Take care!


      1. Don’t worry about the bag. I know you will get it done later. It could be a couple of years, but the Astros will still be my team so all is good.
        No, I can’t believe he will be 3. What a fun age! Hugs


    1. Thanks, 2020 has been so harsh. I hope you brother is doing okay. My sister and her daughters live in Cedar Rapids, one of them lost the roof of their apt and another had her windows blown out. It was all pretty scary. They drove here to stay as parts of town still had power and there was nothing operational in her city. Hoping for brighter days from here on!

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  2. Hi
    I’m glad you checked in. I was wondering how you been doing. 2020 has been an absolute shit show on all levels. I know I was feeling hopeful after 2019 was pretty darn rough that it would be better but boy was I wrong. I’m sorry about this most recent mess you’ve been dealing with. I wish I could give you a big huge. Hang in there! And come back soon if you can. Happy Birthday Jaxon. I can’t believe he is 3! He is so handsome and growing up so fast.



  3. Anita, it’s so good to hear (and see you) again. I’m so glad you’re here.

    Everything I’ve seen about the inland hurricane has been overwhelming. I saw your post about the power being out and I was relieved to know you were okay. The amount of time you were without power, though. 😦

    2020 has been A Year every week. It’s been exhausting, especially for anyone who already had their hands (and hearts) full. I’m right there with you on that.

    Every time you post about Jaxon, my heart swells. It’s so good to see him growing big and strong and so well-loved.

    *giant hugs*


  4. Hi, I’m just catching up on videos and just watched your august video. So glad you are safe. I have a lot of family in Iowa, primarily in the Quad Cities, but also in a few other spots and some of them had some very serious damages and long power losses. The stories of this storm are overwhelming—I hope you’re still doing okay and managing to move forward and feel a bit more normal hopefully. Take care!


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