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TTMT #56 Wohoo! I made a video!

I thought about editing a video, but I thought it would take too long. So here it is… bloopers and all.

Face Mask Pattern

T-Shirt Yarn

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TTMT #55 Hello from Tennessee

I’m hoping everyone is having a wonderfully crafty week. There hasn’t been much time for a video, but I thought I’d stop an say Hi!

The last 10 days or so (feels like months) I have been in overdrive working and finally today everything started coming together. Me and the other instructors are making progress getting all of our programs online for distance learning.It was quite a challenge and there was times that I wasn’t sure if we were going to make it. We still have a lot of work to go, but I think everyone has a good sense of what to do.

I will continue going in earlie, but I should be working half days from home starting tomorrow. I’ll still be on call for the IT work.

Thanks everyone for posting, it has been one of the things that has made my days. I love watching the video’s and reading everyone’s updates. No crafting going on here, but if the rest of the week goes like today I may be able to have some downtime this weekend.

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TTMT #54 Kingdom Hearts week 7&8 and Cathedral Window Progress

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TTMT #53 KH Week 6 and Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt

I ended up making my video a couple times before getting this one done. Having camera issues. Thankfully I have a new camera coming in this week. Wohoo! I am also looking for an easy video editor. Something not too time consuming. Any suggestions?

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TTMT #52 KH Week 5

Treasure Box and Heart Trinket

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TTMT #51 KH Week 4 and FMQ

The Kingdom Keyblade!!!

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TTMT #50 KH Week 3 and Fundraising

Remind me not to sew when I’m on so many meds. A lot of back tracking going on. I’m still feeling a bit tired, but on the mend.

Kingdom Hearts QAL Week #3 Paopu Fruit and Key Border Trinket