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TTMT #27 7-23-19

Finished the holiday star quilt. Working on scrap baggies.

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TTMT #26 July 16th 2019

EQ8 and the star quilt AGAIN.

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TTMT #25 A week of quilting

I’ve been doing a lot of quilting this week.

Finished and gifted the Wonder Woman Zombie quilt and 2 child size lap quilts.

While visiting family I worked on some EPP pieces. I also finished up the small Dr Who quilt.

The dragon is a backing for one of my quilts, I just love it! It felt a bit course, but after a good washing {the colors bled a little} it turned out nice and soft.

Hoping ya’ll have a wonderful week!!!

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Fandom fabrics galore!!

Wohooo! I am working with my new camera, so bare with me.

I’ve been sewing with my fandom based fabrics.

The Holiday star pattern is by Carol Doak. Music is “Creative Minds”

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TTMT #23 Just saying hi

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#jeaniesdreams TTMT #22 June -13-2019

Jeanie Bottles, birthday stuff and T-shirts

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Jeanie TTMT #21 Back to the beginning

What’s been going on this week and back to my star quilt.