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Jeanie TTMT #10

More about the holiday star. Getting ready for a memory quilt. My video is a bit too bright, I forgot to reset my camera for my design wall view. Ya’ll have a great week!

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Jeanie’s TTMT #9 3-5-2019

I realized my numbering was off. This is #9.

Continuing working with EQ8, a few more diamonds done and working online a bit. Talking about one of my favorite fat quarters. Everyone have a great week!

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Jeanie TTMT#7

I feel like I done a bunch of rambling this morning , but that’s not gonna stop me from posting. Shiny, Bubbles and the Diamond project are in full swing. Still working in EQ8. My busy bag is almost ready to go!

Keep in mind, I have a new video editor I am also playing with. A bunch of watching you tube videos to get it right. I did manage to get the clip put on the end..Yay!!!

Ya’ll have a wonderful productive week!

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More EQ8 and Lone Star project

I am still working on EQ8. Starting playing around with a lone star pattern.

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Jeanie with TTMT #5

So glad to be back up and running…slowly. I didn’t get the Harry Potter quilt added to the video, but decided to go ahead and post.

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Jeanie TTMT #5

I’m still working with EQ8. KINGDOM HEART 3 released today, so not sure how much is gonna get done.

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Jeanie #TTMT Jan 22nd 2019

EQ8 is in a TIMEOUT!