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TTMT #4: April 19, 2022

6 thoughts on “TTMT #4: April 19, 2022

  1. The cat is sweet. What a hard situation. I hope it brings him some comfort.

    I listen to Pods all day long as I work. I maybe a little over the top on the number of crime pods I listen too. 😁

    Happy Crafting and have a great week

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    1. No such thing as “over the top” when it comes to true crime! LOL Which ones do you listen to? I’m mainly a murderino (My Favorite Murder) girl myself, but I also listen to The Murder Squad and I’ve been known to dabble in Someone Knows Something, as well.


      1. Well since I listen all day while working my list is pretty long.

        Absolutely favorites are
        In the dark
        Truth & Justice ( not all seasons are good)
        Someone Knows Something
        Crime Junkie
        Crimes of the Century
        Against the Odds ( not crime)
        American Scandal
        Up and Vanished
        The Vanished
        Missing Maura Murray

        I binge them all day. So lots of others I have listen to a season here and there. I also love Family Secrets. They usually have a book related to the episode that are good listens.


  2. Ah, I love that you made a plushie for your former coworker. I’m sure it will bring him comfort.

    I regularly revisit tutorials for embroidery stitches. They don’t hang out in my brain!

    Seeing your sagging bookcases makes my heart happy. ♥


  3. The stuffed kitty turned out cute. I like the colors you used. I hope your friend is doing better.


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