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4 thoughts on “TTMT It`s February

  1. Your Lily doll is cute. I like her squarish face. The sparkling dress is a great color. She will look great sitting on the shelf. The ear warmer band turned out fantastic.
    All the UFQ’s will be beautiful quilts. Glad to see all of them. I can certainly understand budgeting for the craft projects. I look forward to seeing you complete them. Maybe I should share some of my UFQ’S.


  2. The doll is very cute!

    I remember some of those quilt tops! I have several suggestions for your raffle ideas, feel free to use or not! 🙂

    Suggestion #1: you like the fleece for the wadding of your quilts, but have you considered using the fleece for the backing and skipping the wadding altogether? If they are more likely to be used as a lap throw or on a table, then you would get a nice drapeyness, and you wouldn’t have to quilt a whole lot, just enough to keep the fleece from shifting around a lot.
    Suggestion #2: I think your idea of a large amount of the same fabric for the backing is also a good idea. You could even look for a sale on 108″ wide backing fabric that is a nice neutral tonal that would work with all of the quilts. Regardless of the size of the quilt, 108″ fabric may be more expensive per yard, but you need way fewer yards of it because of the width being more that 2 times the width of regular quilting fabric. And you would likely not need to piece any of the backs, which would save you time and effort in the long run.
    Suggestion #3: If your embroidery machine works better than your sewing machine, you might consider purchasing an edge to edge quilting design for your embroidery machine. Those are becoming more common and are not that expensive, and the embroidery machine could do the work for you. You would just have to do one hoops-worth at a time. There’s a bunch of affordable ones at Designs by Juju, and right now they are on sale, so you could buy one and try it on one of the smaller quilts to see what you think and how you like it.
    Suggestion #4: reach out to other parents and if you have a local quilt shop, also to them to see if anyone knows a Long arm quilter than would offer their services to quilt one or more of them for you since they are to raise money for the school. They could use it as an opportunity to showcase their services and maybe you could give them the right to display the work they did on these quilts on their websites as examples of their quilting. If you have a local guild, perhaps a quilter in that guild likes the quilting process, and even if they don’t have a long arm would volunteer to quilt it for you. We quilters and crafters are a generous bunch of folks, and like to help each other out, especially if it’s for a good cause! It lets you share the work out so that you don’t have to do it all, too!

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do!


  3. The doll has really great clothes,.. I like her ruffley dress and the coat. Very nice!

    The white and silver blanket is really lovely.. I like the colours and shape a lot.

    You’ve got a lot of fun nearly-there projects… it’s kind of neat to see them again! That one you think you’d like to keep is De La Luna, and then hexagon one is mainly fabrics from All Stars, I think… owls, frogs, racoons and birds, I think.


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