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TTMT #4 May 21, 2019. Shelves are up & sewing room is coming together at last.

I made this video on Wednesday. For some reason half way through, the video becomes out of sync with my voice, so please forgive the irritating Japanese dubbed video. LOL. I didn’t have time for a redo. The sewing room is coming together. I can actually put my legs under the cutting table. My goal is to finish the Accordion Carpenters Wheel. I want it as a wall hanging so I am only going to add a small border. It is bigger than It thought it would be.

Accordion Carpenters wheel. Pattern is by Eva Paige Designs

I have my work cut out for me. I want to cut down all those scraps. I will get more done if I do. I used up a great deal of my previous scraps as leaders and enders. It is time to replenish. I just have to consider cutting them up just as important as sewing. I also want to make some clothes for myself and my granddaughter.

Happy Memorial day weekend. Enjoy your families and friends.


Sewing Room May 21, 2019

11 thoughts on “TTMT #4 May 21, 2019. Shelves are up & sewing room is coming together at last.

  1. Thank you. I can’t wait to start sewing again. So many things on my bucket list that I can do with these scraps. Also want to make charity quilts for the guild I belong to.


  2. That accordion thing looks interesting. I went and watched a couple of her videos on YouTube.. seems like a good idea if you are looking for something scrappy. Your purple/green version of the star is really beautiful.

    Good luck with the continued cleaning/organizing!


    1. Thank you. I want to get her book “Oompah” I want to know how she figures out the placement. Must be graph paper.


  3. Your room is looking great and your Carpenter’s Wheel is lovely. I love the colors.

    I couldn’t help but notice your Singer 301. I have the same machine. My sweet grandma gave it to me years ago. It had belonged to her best friend. It’s one of my treasures!


    1. I got the 301a for $30 at a flea market. Cleaned it up and it works fantastic. Only thing missing is the pedal but I use the one from my featherweight. Poor featherweights motor is dying.
      Hoping to sew tomorrow. First order of business is to make a lawn mower bag. I have no idea how to make it but will give it a shot!

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  4. Your room looks awesome! Shara was so smart to figure out where your quilt project was. I would have been just like you, looking everywhere and not finding it.


  5. Thanks Robin. Now comes the fun part of cutting up all those scraps. I will be more productive if I do!!!


  6. Your carpenter’s wheel looks amazing. And your room looks like it is really coming together. My scrap bins are overflowing as well. That’s why I’m going to cut up a bunch of them I think. We have a lady in our Project Linus group that makes these really amazing chromatic gradation type of QAYG projects that are teen sized from scraps, so I was thinking I could give her a pile of 2.5″ squares.

    I have a Singer 301 also, mine is the 2-tone tan/oyster. I did some of my first FMQ on that machine and it’s my back up machine when I travel. I love it to pieces! They are great machines. I had trouble with the toe pedal so I bought a replacement pedal that works great from


  7. Gorgeous Carpenter Wheel. I really like purples and greens together.

    The shelf looks nice. It’s always a huge task to get organized. It looks like the room is coming together.

    Happy Crafting


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