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Episode 7 – Owls, Mice and Trees!

6 thoughts on “Episode 7 – Owls, Mice and Trees!

  1. Wow, What a couple of weeks you have had. My condolences on the loss of your co-worker and friend.

    The owl quilt is turning out great. Plus all the other projects you have moved forward on. I would like to do the snow dyeing sometime. I bought some dyes, just have never taken the time to go beyond that. I still have a bunch of snow on the ground, so maybe…..

    Glad you have new lighting for your longarm. That will be very helpful.

    Yeah for getting the vaccine. Plus a couple road trips to see quilting friends, shops and covered bridges.
    Take care and hugs to you my friend.


  2. I’m very sorry to hear about your colleague. That is so sad, especially for the students.

    The mice look like they will be a fun addition to your quilt!

    I completely forgot about it being QuiltCon due to other pressing plans. Last year’s QuiltCon was the last big thing I did in person, as you say, BC. Ah well, maybe next year!


  3. I’m sorry for your loss, and those poor students. The past year has been so tough on the kids.

    I think the mice will look really cute, and what a fun addition. πŸ™‚


  4. I am so sorry about your colleague. Yay on the vaccine. The owls look great and the mice look like a great addition.


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