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TTMT An Update and not alot of craft

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TTMT #28 |UFOs & Super Heroes| 07/10/2018

Hi All!

Getting this uploaded with minutes to spare before it is technically no longer Tuesday! That’s what happens when I sit down to watch a tv show and wait TWO HOURS for my video to export to YouTube… I end up falling asleep, then wake up at 11:35pm and totally forget that this is still waiting in limbo!!!! Uuuuggghhh!!!

Anyway – it’s up and just a whole total mess! So I do apologize ahead of time! I will come back in the morning to add all the promised links here in the description area.

Good night [or morning] – depending on when you view it!

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TTMT 7/10/18 – Susan’s Sewing is Sparse

Pardon the glare.

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TTMT #273 – jewells68 – July 10, 2018 – I’m a Hot Tomato?

A new Project Linus quilt top, plus TTMT swap blocks and crafty hat plans. Because challenges are fun!

Update on the “Long Strange Trip” Quilt: One of the radio stations at work is promoting a concert of Dead and Co (the remaining members of the Grateful Dead touring with John Mayer). The show is tomorrow night and they wanted to use Jay’s quilt in a social media video (they saw it when I showed it off to some coworkers before packing it up to mail), so I let them use it under the condition that they not tag me until after he had received the quilt. After he received I went in and tagged Jay so he could share it on his own page if he wanted to. He called me upon opening the package and was just thrilled. And totally surprised. He had gotten an email Sunday night that a package was coming from me and was completely at a loss at what it might be. We had a great chat. He was just so utterly and completely happy and amazed, it made me feel so good about making and sending it. Here’s that video:

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TTMT #16 Hat and Shawl

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TTMT #479 – Paper Flowers & UFOs

REMINDER: TTMT Swappers – It’s July, time to mail a block to Jewells!



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TTMT #16 UFOs = Bindings