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TTMT Supplement: Does anyone want some Christmas fabric?

I have some Christmas fabric that I would like to pay forward.  It consists of the following:  Scraps (less than fat quarter), fat quarters,  a few panels and some yardage. If your are interested, I’ll be glad to send you whatever you want (for yourself, for prizes or for charity quilts – whatever).

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TTMT#57-My head hurts…

I had a fabulous time at the Ricky Tims Quilt Luminarium!  I learned so much my head hurt after each full day session.  I really think they could have broken it down in to a 3 day session instead of 2  8 hours sessions.  I haven’t tried out anything yet…because Ricky said, “I know you’re going to want to try everything we’ve shown you, but I insist you finish you’re own project first, then try something new.”

So I did.  I finished the binding on Scott’s quilt and Ricky was right.  The feeling of finishing  and  accomplishing something is freeing.

Anyway, there’s no video because literally my head hurts.  Now that spring has sprung in Vermont, the pollen is everywhere.  I was really trying hard not to get sick, but when I woke at 3am this morning and my sinuses and teeth were hurting, I knew it couldn’t be good.  Got in to the doctor and I’ve got a sinus infection.  Didn’t want to delay taking care of this because next week I’m chaperoning the band trip to Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, which includes two overnight bus trips…ugh.

Yesterday, I realized I hadn’t started my challenge quilt for this year’s Quiltfest in Bennington. It’s a paint chip challenge based on the game of Risk.  We picked a country from the board game and were given the corresponding color chip of the country.  If you use something to represent the country you chose, you get bonus points.  I chose Western Europe which represented Spain & France.  I lived in Nice, France and one of my favorite artists is Matisse…so this is my ode to Matisse.IMG_0002


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TTMT 5/15/18: Accomplishments!!

First off, I have a very short video.  I was using my camera and it cut off.  I have accomplished a few things this week – YAY!

(1) I finished Ezra’s quilt.  I love how bright and colorful Ezra’s quilt is.

(2) i made one more block for the POD for my nephew and his wife.

(3) I have ironed the stabilizer onto the t-shirt logos for Matai’s quilt and trimmed them down.  I will now work on making all the blocks the same size; I think that will it easier to put together.  I’m hoping to have the top put together by next week’s video.

(4) I’ve also been doing some spring cleaning. This is a MAJOR effort since this house hasn’t had a good cleaning in at least 5 years (before the cancer, surgery and recovery).  I’ve been trying to get things done, but it’s really too big a task for me so I’ve hired a cleaning crew to come in tomorrow and deep clean my kitchen, living room and guest bath.  I think I can handle the bedroom, master bath and my sewing room.  Tim is on his own with his hobby room!

Anyway, here’s today’s video (and a couple of Garrick pics from Mother’s Day).


Garrick with his dad and Grandpop; and with Nana, Grandma and Mommy.

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TTMT #267 – jewells68 – May 15, 2018 – Ziggity Zaggity

Woo! I think the mojo is making its way back into my sad non-crafty-type life! Finished Zig Zag quilt and turned into Project Linus! Started GD quilt for my bro. My crafty life is improving!

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TTMT #43 Knitting and Gnome Villages

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TTMT #10 Wild About Knitting

Edit at 10:30 am. Just had the test and all went well. Seems that what they saw was related to my hiatal hernia. I’ll get it checked out later. I’m just glad all is well with my heart!

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TTMT #471 – Diamonds in the Rails

Do you want to hear a secret? Let’s do it!

REMINDER: TTMT Swappers – Please HOLD May blocks for Rainey until May 27. You’re welcome to mail May & June blocks the first week of June. Thanks!