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A quick Sorry

Hi everyone

I just wanted to post to say that I missed this week and am sorry for that , I have now caught up with everyone’s videos and comments I hope.

I will be back this week with a proper video and maybe some things I have made.

Love you all as you keep me sane.


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TTMT #248 – jewells68 – December 5, 2017 – Inside “Studio J”

Well, found an editor I can actually use, FINALLY… I did manage to find a safe download of Windows Movie Maker. It’s the 2012 version which is slightly different than what I was using, but “close enough for rock and roll”.

See my newly rearranged “Studio J” in which I now I have a piecing/basic sewing/fabric wall, design wall, and giant contraption wall, as well as a cutting area that takes up the middle of the space. Stay tuned to see if it stays this way or if I… *gulp* … tear it all down and start over.

Susan, I wanted to make sure to thank you for the awesome surprise package of precuts you sent me. Thank you thank you! They will definitely get used. You are a sweetheart!

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❄️🌲TTMT 90❄️🌲

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Oh my aching…

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Why must progress be so painful? aka “My Kingdom for a Video Editing Software that doesn’t make me Go Insane”

So, I recorded a video today. I was dressed in actual “leaving the house” clothes. I showed off a finished thing. It was glorious! Or at least, it was an actually video showing my project room, my face and a project. But I have to stop here and explain that due to constant freezing and having to reboot constantly I bought a new computer last week. It’s new, it’s fast, it’s got a big hard drive, it’s got Windows 10… it DOESN’T have Movie Maker, in which I could actually *fairly* competently edit a video. And I learned that, lo and behold, Movie Maker is no more. At least the version I was using on my Windows 7 computer. It’s no longer available for download. And the stuff that IS available for free just… sucks. At least everything I have checked so far.. I would continue my search in the morning, but Phebe had her last finals today, so I took tomorrow off work to drive down to move her back home. Which means I won’t be able to deal with this tomorrow until after dinner, most likely. So if I don’t find something by bedtime tomorrow that I like at least somewhat, I will probably end up recording again and just trying to do it in a single take and add the photos directly to the post here on wordpress. Because right now I want to just throw things. Have a crafty and hopefully non-frustrating week!

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TTMT #20 Hoodies and Christmas decorations

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TTMT #449 – I’m Awake!