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TTMT-92922-So much to say!

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TTMT #115 Top Hats and Ribbons

Update on Steven- He had surgery on Sept. 15th and recovering well. He will have to do some follow-up test because the mass they removed was cancerous. The doctor feels that they got it all. But because we wouldn’t have known about the mass if he wouldn’t have gotten the infection, they feel they need to confirm there is no other masses unchecked.

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TTMT #694 – The Function of a Rubber Duck

This week finds me answering the mystery of the function of a rubber duck while sharing some gifts made for a friend. I also share some quilting, something AWESOME my daughter shared as well as a piece of art that I am very excited about!

I incorrectly referred to adrianmartinus as “He” (repeatedly! 😬) when they are actually three individuals. I should have double-checked before recording. Sorry about that!

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TTMT #115 September 21, 2022- The Holidays Are Coming

This week I talk about making a wreath block. My shop will be participating in a Holiday Shop Hop on November 5, 2022. I have also been canning grape juice and jelly.

The Cougar between the grape vines.
I have bunches of grapes at Iron Grape Farm.
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TTMT#92222-Let’s try this again-Tshirt resizing take 2

SSSSOOOO Jennifer O noticed that the video that I said was about tshirts a couple of weeks ago was actually a repeat. I checked youtube and apparently this video was still in draft. It should be the correct video now.

Had a great Bennington Quiltfest, but I’m tired and Patrick is visiting from Raleigh so… you get the “real” tshirt resizing video this week!

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TTMT 206

Octopod made by CubbinsCreations []

Fabric shops:

  • Periwinkle Quilting & Beyond []
  • Peachtree Quilt Shop []
  • Cindy-Rella Sewing & Quilting []

MacKenzie Art Gallery []; Radical Stitch (the beaded works exhibit) []

T. Rex Discovery Centre []

Strawberry Quilt block Tutorial by Skyberries Handmade []

Christmas quilt pattern is Kimberley 2.0 by Gudrun Erla of GE Designs []

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TTMT #693 – Not So Heavy Metal

In which I AM NOT wearing a blue shirt (seriously, how did I manage a blue shirt FIVE Tuesdays in a row?!) and share some finishes plus some goodies I received in the mail.

The yarn used in the blanket is Lion Brand Cupcake in Sand Castle. Unfortunately, it’s discontinued, but there seem to be a few skeins still floating around out there!

Thanks again to Sarah in Houston for the goodies! ♥

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TTMT #114- September 13, 2022 -Baskets of Scraps

This week I talk about picking up a couple baskets and some fabric at my quilt guild meeting last week. I show some of the orphan blocks that I picked up that were made by Char Nye, one of our members who has passed away. I hope to make some charity quilts with this fabric. YouTube has change their editing and so I didn’t get the part cut out that I wanted to cut. So please excuse me. Let’s go sew.

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TTMT#91522-Just a little excited!

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TTMT #440 – jewells68 – September 13, 2022 – Sibling Ribaldry

In which I talk about traveling again and the crafties I worked on for the trip! It’s a little longer video but I won’t be posting next Tuesday, so that’s my excuse. 😛