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Brief update…

Are the repairs done? Nope.  I’m still waiting for them to get started, or rather finish what they started.  I’ve told the reno company that I’m opting for “wood floor” look vinyl to replace the carpet – less expensive, easier to clean, my sinuses will be happier. It’ll be a little colder in the winter but I can get some cheapo throw rugs to put down during that time. Or maybe try to weave a few rag rugs this summer if I feel up to it, who knows.

Nice story – I love “Fixer Upper”, and when their Magnolia Market had a sale this month I had ordered some decorative signs from them.  And almost immediately had “buyer’s remorse” because what was I thinking, I had insurance co-pays, etc.  I contacted their customer service and asked if I could cancel the order since it hadn’t shipped, and within minutes a rep named Leslie emailed back and said sure, no problem, and got it done immediately.  I was impressed, so told her thank you, I’d had an emergency come up but would be a customer later. In maybe a couple of hours she emailed back and said, “We understand emergencies, and we would like to give you your order as a gift, to bless you”.  What?? I’ve never heard of anything like that, and I explained what the emergency was and of course thanked her profusely.  They were delivered here on a Sunday – didn’t know they even delivered mail on Sunday except to maybe some businesses.  Along with the signs there was a cute little muslin drawstring bag with a magnolia leaf attached, and a pencil inside that was printed with “Tell Your Story”.  I’d posts photos but don’t have Photobucket anymore and have no idea how to otherwise post photos here.  But anyway, it was a wonderful surprise.

Stay crafty, my friends!

10 thoughts on “Brief update…

  1. Okay, I was sitting here checking my e-mails while watching Fixer Upper and saw this post come up. How’s that for a coincidence!!! Talk about customer service; what a great thing to do for you. I am really really looking forward to seeing your finished studio.


    1. It’s like some kind of cosmic convergence, lol! I’m looking forward to seeing the finished studio too…I believe I’ve been put on the “very low priority” list.


  2. That’s amazing. It’s wonderful to hear stories like that. It was already nice of them to cancel your order but to go ahead and still gift It to you is going above and beyond. Just another one of the benefits of a company being owned/run by real people. They can make these decisions. It’s a story you’ll tell over and over.


    1. I think I’ve already told it over and over. 😀 It was really exciting, and such a great thing to do. You know if they’ve done it for me they’ve done it for many others, and it’s very generous.


  3. wow , thats great of them and such good customer service . I love it when company’s do things like that it makes the world of difference.

    Hope your repairs go OK, I have vinyl floor in my room and it makes clean up so very easy , no more trying to get threads out of the carpet and pins just lay on the floor when dropped by mistake, I found with carpet they had a habit of sticking up and going straight into my foot !

    I have no idea what fixer upper is but am glad that some good luck came your way XXX


    1. Oh, the pin thing was awful, mine would get stuck down in there and I’d find them everywhere; and the dark carpet showed every thread. Guess in a way it was a good thing this happened.

      Fixer Upper is a TV show based in Waco Texas where they renovate houses for people. I guess that description doesn’t sound too appealing but their personalities are what make it, and the designs are lovely.


  4. Well, my goodness! I know a lot of people who trek to Waco to go to Magnolia. I drive through there every time I got to Dallas to see or retrieve/drop off my son at college. What a lovely thing to do!

    When you want to add a photo here, there is a little circle with a plus sign on the top left of the text box. Just click and follow directions. 🙂


  5. It was just so cool. I’m glad people here get it, as everyone here is just like, ‘”Uh, that’s nice, I guess”. 🙂
    I did click the circle but since I don’t have a photo storage site I’m not sure what the URL would be used to post, but I’ll ‘speriment around 🙂 and see what I can figure out. Remember, until recently I had a TV that had a VCR built into it, lol.


  6. That was so nice of them to do that. I have watched that show on HGTV a few times. It’s not my style, but isn’t nice to have a business do something like that. Pretty rare I would say.

    All my floors are wood or linoleum. It does make me have to wear good slippers in the colder months, but in the summer it’s SO much nicer than carpet. And definitely easier to find stuff when you drop it.

    You can upload a photo directly, but if you want to link to a url you can sign up for a free flickr account. Free accounts get a TB of storage, which is really nice. They are pretty user friendly too.


  7. I think I figured out how to use Google photos…Google owns my entire online life I think which is scary, but everything’s in one place more or less. I’m a bit twitchy about using Flickr as it’s owned by Yahoo. A breach of Yahoo a few years ago made me have to replace my computer along with changing every online password I ever had and shutting down my PayPal account. But I guess a whole lot of people use it successfully with no problems.

    My sinuses will probably thank me for having vinyl instead of carpet in that building. We just have one room in the house where we have carpet and I’d like to get rid of that and refinish the hardwood floors, but for various reasons that won’t happen anytime soon. The insurance will also pay more, percentage wise, for vinyl which I guess makes sense for them too.


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