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TTMT 205: Charity Quilt Tops

In which I show 10 quilt tops I made to donate to charity.

The patterns (in order) are:

  1. Jelly Roll Sizzle from using Vanessa Christenson Ombre Confetti Metallic
  2. Patterns designed for me by my TTMT friend Mary for using a series of panels and fabrics by Cori Dantini
  3. As above
  4. As above
  5. A slightly modified #MoreModernHSTBOM2020 which you can find at using Kona Snow along with Gingiber’s Farm Fresh and Me & My Sister Designs’ Badda Bing!
  6. A random charm pack quilt top using the leftovers from the previous quilt as well as some random leftover dots and ginghams.
  7. Disappearing Nine Patch variations, using New Nordic by Stof plus charm packs of the Emily Cier palette from Kona cotton.
  8. As above
  9. A basic Hour Glass quilt using the leftovers from the previous 2 New Nordic quilts.
  10. A layer cake log cabin pattern that I cannot find anywhere, using Adventures from Amy Ellis.

8 thoughts on “TTMT 205: Charity Quilt Tops

  1. Thank you both for sharing your tops with me and with sharing a little bit about each one. I can see why you bought the mermaid fabric, but I disagree that you don’t need a mermaid quilt. Seriously, anything that brings joy in this crazy world.

    Each and every one will go to a good home. ❀️

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    1. The basic problem with the mermaid quilt is that I have SO many quilts already! I have a handful I really love and some more that I love that are in progress… and then after that, sometimes it’s better to move it on to a new home where it can be appreciated by someone who might not otherwise have something like it. I’m sure there are some little girls out there who’ll be super into the mermaids πŸ˜€


  2. They all turned out great. It’s nice to hear about each one and I am confident the children that receive them will love them!

    I have done a mitred border once and I found a video that really helped me. If you like I can see if I saved it on youtube and let you know what it was to see if it’s different from the two you watched. It was a bit fiddly but it did look good when done.

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    1. If you remember to check for the the mitred border video, I’d love to see it. (But no worries if you don’t find it. I’ve watched so many tutorials on youtube over the years, I shudder to think how hard it would be to track down some of the specific ones.)


  3. All the quilts look great. I think your mitered border looks great. I like making mitered borders, they just add a little something extra to the quilts.


    1. I think mitred borders do add something special, at least on some quilts.. certain prints really beg for it, which is why I wanted to learn. (This particular quilt with that particular fabric didn’t need it remotely.) Someday I’ll try again though… see if I can find more clear tutorial.

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  4. Mitered corners are tricky. Yours look good.

    Oh the mermaid fabric has such a sweet whimsical feel to it. I like it.

    The left over charms worked well together. I loved a quilt like this as a kid.

    Kids will love the happy bright colors.

    These are wonderful! Probably feels amazing to move them on as well.

    Happy Crafting and take care


    1. I’m hopeful my mitered corners didn’t just wind up adding a wave in the corner haha.

      I love most of Cori Dantini’s fabrics (re: the mermaids) and her art too. I have a print on my wall from before she started designing fabric and then when I found the fabrics I started buying those, but they’re not always the most practical fabrics for quilts for adults.

      It was great to move a bunch of stuff on out of my house for sure. I would have really liked to send finished quilts, but that’s always my hurdle… getting things from quilt top to finished quilt. If only basting were easier πŸ˜€


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