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Hey Y’all

As I expected, I didn’t craft at all this past week. I flew back to Asheville to help my mom with somethings and just lift her spirits in general. I came home Sunday evening and spent yesterday finishing up some paperwork & phone calls I had left to do for her. Of course, the laundry pill regrew while I was away. So I hugged my furry babies (humans too 😂) and spent my day on the mundane. I’m looking forward long arm quilting this week and computer work on my pattern.

Hope you all have a very crafty week.

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Ttmt #52 Sew Time!

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Ttmt #51 A bit of Crafty and life updates

Sorry for the rambling. October kicked my bum. Things are settling down after what has been a ridiculously stressful month. Getting back to crafting and some of my other routines are my focus for the next few months. 

If you skip the video watching, I make a call out at the end for anyone interested in attending to Quilt Con in February to reach out about maybe sharing an Air BnB or Hotel. It’s in Austin, Tx this year near a certain someone we all know & love.It could be a fun TTMT weekend! Message me if you are interested.

ps the kitties are Lia – 10 month old Flame Point Siamese that was found abandon in a trailer last summer. She was pregnant at the time and only one little one survived, hence the little orange man is Frito. Frito is 3 months old. They  are a ridiculously bonded pair that we couldn’t separate.

Pss I do own different shirts. I apparently just like this one a lot. It’s in the 3 of 4 of the last videos.


TTMT Video

Travel & A sneak peak

No video this week.

I had an unexpected trip back to Asheville, N.C. and will be gone all week. I probably will have a non-Crafting video next week for you.

I did get a little sewing in yesterday on my TTMT 2019 swap. I spent a good deal of time on EQ8 designing it over the past week. Not because it’s that hard but to many lines for EQs liking. I needed to split the design into sections for it to work. That process was time consuming. I’m sure in the end I’ll be happy with it. I want my TTMT quilt to be one I want everywhere with me.

Happy Crafting! Please post videos this week I need the Happy Crafty from y’all.

Here’s a little sneak peak 👇🏻

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TTMT # 50 oh look squirrel 🐿

I maybe slightly scattered 😂 My Brain currently has 2851 tabs opens… Did I mention I went to my first Guild meeting since moving? Probably among the many things I failed to mention while rambling 😁

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Ttmt #49 Crafty Breaks Required!

TTMT Video

TTMT #48 Back at it 🙌🏻