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TTMT #16 UFOs = Bindings

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TTMT#15 Scrappies

If you didn’t watch my video from yesterday, please take a moment to do so.

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Extra Special Post – Time Sensitive Info

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TTMT #14 Busy Bee

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Hey Y’all

It has been a spell I know. Last week I spent the part of the week proctoring EOG exams here in Nc. I can only tell you I think you can literally die from boredom. I have never been a fan of all the standardized testing but this experience gave me a new level of dislike.
*Warning* Stop Reading now if you get queasy easy.
On Tuesday of last week, My dog threw up mid day. I cleaned the first spot I saw and went on with my business. She isn’t a dog the throws up often but it was just the once. I didn’t seem like a big deal. A bit later, I found a second area she had gotten sick that was quite large but obviously was hours old. I began cleaning that up which honestly took days as it was a huge area on an oriental rug. She still seemed fine. I went to do carpool and returned around dinner time. I decide I would make her some rice and boiled chicken as a bland diet for a few days. I put her in her kennel while I was cooking. I came in to find her in a standing in a pool of vomit in her kennel. Immediately brought her outside to hose her down and get her in the car to go to the emergency vet. Before I could even get out of the driveway she was vomiting blood. It was a horrible 25 minute drive to the vet.
Apparently, I go her in before the projectile vomit and diarrhea started. She had Acute Hemorrhagic Diarrhea or a hemorrhaging gastritis. She is on the mend but I have not worked up stairs since she came home. I don’t allow her upstairs as she doesn’t come down the stairs safely. She will be fine in the end but it was really terrifying to see how fast she got life threateningly ill.
I know everyone is close with their animals. They are family. She is mine but she is also my service dog. She alerts me to fire alarms, alarm clocks, etc. My hearing loss is a profound loss without hearing aids. I really can’t even imagine not having her. I know the day will come but she is only 8. It was a stressful week.
This week I have been cuddling my girl and preparing for a Troop EOY trip to Colonial Williamsburg and Bush Gardens over the coming weekend.
I may get to you next week or not. I have been sewing lots badges/vest and  hand sewing binding. I don’t know that anything crafty will hand between now and next Tuesday.
Hope You all are having a crafty week!
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TTMT # 13 It’s all a blur

Hey There,

May has lived up to the chaos I was anticipating. I forgot a few things in the video. I’m looking for UPCs from Hobbs Batting. My guild is trying to purchase charity quilt batting at a discount and we need more UPCs. Hobbs is hard fine locally. It you have some I would greatly appreciate them.

Excuse the endless threads in my photos, I haven’t trimmed or buried them yet. Sorry about the weird camera angle. I didn’t realize my phone slipped down until after I did the video. I’m just not redoing it today.  I’m sure I’m forgetting more but my brain is fried today.


Happy Crafting 🧙🏻‍♀️

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I got Zip 😐

Hey Y’all

I had a busy week. I just did not get a lot of Crafting done to show. I needed to do some computer work. I have avoiding the paperwork for a good month. I have will be working through it this week as well. I have been doing some Long Arming Quilting and Binding, but nothing to really make a video over.

If I happen to knock anything out I post before next week. This weekend is Troop camping Friday to Sunday. I have to drive to Chapel Hill to pick up half of my kid’s dorm room. Run down to Charlotte for medical appointment, and back to Chapel Hill to fetch the kiddo. I will likely not get much done. May is just crazy for me.

Enjoying all your videos & Have a Crafty week.