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TTMT #255 Snowie Overload or What?!

Yes folks, it’s 2 for Tuesday!

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough battery power to upload yesterday!

5 thoughts on “TTMT #255 Snowie Overload or What?!

  1. Your critters are so cute, the knitted pouch is adorable and that beadwork is beautiful. I especially like the swirly one and the last one. Are you going to use these as ornaments? You do such fine work in everything you do!

    I’m so sorry your hand isn’t any better.


  2. That beadwork looks so intricate! they are lovely.

    A project bag is exactly what I was thinking of when I picked that fabric out for you. It though it might be fun to use in October. And as for the card, those photos were taken make years ago, but in June and July our weather made it much more like that photo again. We’re in monsoon season now so today it was actually in the 70s, which was an awesome break from the heat.

    Those are some fun fat quarters, and all so different!


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