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TTMT #3 May 14, 2019- Waiting for the Shelving!

I am still working on organizing my mess. My daughter bought me shelving for Mother’s day. It arrives tomorrow. After we organize the shelves I will be able to work on the zillion UFO’s and my parts department. Yes, I do leaders and enders and have quite a collection. Time to use them.

9 thoughts on “TTMT #3 May 14, 2019- Waiting for the Shelving!

  1. Getting new shelves is a great gift. I know you will feel so much better when things are more organized. I have just done a major sort of fabric and projects and even though it is somewhat disorganized – already- I do feel like I have a better handle on things.

    Look forward to seeing what you do with your new book.


  2. I’m sure once you have a home for all the things you will love being in your sewing room all the more. I’m still figuring out how I want things and it’s been so many years of rearranging once or twice a year, lol.


  3. I noticed the Guitar wall hanging after Kristel mentioned it. Wow that’s gorgeous!

    Organizing seems to be the TTMT theme right now. Hope your shelves arrived. I have a hard time getting things done if it’s to messy.

    I would probably resize the pattern or add to it some how. 60 is a lot of blocks done. They were really pretty.

    Happy Crafting & Organizing


  4. I love my cube shelves and I hope you love yours! It’s been much easier to be organized when everything has its own spot!

    I agree with Jennifer R…60 blocks is a lot! I bet you can make it work.

    Have a fun week going organizing your crafty goodies!


  5. New shelves are exciting. So full of potential. I want my craft room to be clean and organized but I don’t want to be the one that does It 😂


  6. 60 is a whole bunch of blocks! Looking forward to seeing what you do with them. The guitar quilt is beautiful and I also love that little Mariner’s Compass quilt behind you. Enjoy your new shelving. I really want to do that in my sewing room, but now I have a massive wardrobe that is so deep that there is a lot of wasted space in it. I’d love to have something with a narrower “footprint” so I can have some walking around space.

    I don’t know if I have formally welcomed you to TTMT. If not, forgive my being so late. I’m really happy to see you each week.


    1. Oh Soozy you did welcome me quite a while ago. Actually between you and Robin the push was on for me to make my first video. You also sent me a box of Christmas fabric. I have it all ready to cut. I probably have enough Christmas fabric to make 10 quilts. Now I just need to get some neutrals to make the blocks pop. I am going with simple blocks. At this point speed sewing may be the only way to get some tops done before August.
      If you still have scraps to share, I would be happy to adopt them.


  7. So exciting to have a sewing room that will feel new and organized! I bet it’ll feel easier to work on projects once that is done.
    Blocks can be made bigger by adding borders on them and spacing them between the big ones like you meant to do that. Or you can use different sizes in the quilt. Or, as you said, just make your own size. Lots of options.
    I love Star Trek and Harry Potter, so can’t wait to see one of those.
    The guitar is awesome.
    I’m sure you’ll find your skyline when you’re loading up your new shelves.
    On the crocket, I would see if there is a beginner level Facebook group that can re-write those directions for your leftieness. Or go to a local yarn shop and see if they can do it. If trial and error is frustrating for you, I bet you can find some free help online to just get the directions right so you can do it the first time. Good luck with that.


  8. Thank you for the nice comments. There isn’t a yarn shop near by. I joined a crochet group at the library. They are trying to help me. There are 3 lefties but they are having issues too! LOL! I will get there eventually. I am visual learn and have played that video 60 times.
    I still have about 10 sweater tubs that have my novelty fabric in them. Hoping I run across that skyline.


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