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TTMT #142

In which I ramble on about hurricanes, quilts, websites, and a cat.

10 thoughts on “TTMT #142

  1. You have been busy designing. I like the star stripes and the mod quilts. Nice to meet some old quilt tops that you made long ago. Quilting them will be fun.
    Glad you made it through the hurricane ok.


    1. Thanks. I’m really happy with the Star Stripes. I was glad to meet my old quilt tops as well. I have a closet full, and wonder how many more will be completely new to me.

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  2. Your designs are intricate and beautiful. I like the starstripes especially. I could see it in rainbow colors for a linus quilt.

    So glad you got through the storm ok. I hope everything is ok with the other house.

    reuniting with old projects is fun. I plan to do that after I bind the 5 linus quilts I’m about to go bind so I can get on with my life, lol.


    1. I really like the starstripes (it’s now called Stripes & Stars). That’s a great idea for a Linus quilt.

      Ahhhh…I hope you got them bound. I have bound 11 in the last week.


  3. Glad everyone seems to be relatively unscathed from Ida. Two of my 3 kids have birthdays on Hurricane week. I think my youngest shares a bday with your brother.

    Well you’ve been a busy busy lady. I find never have time test everything so I end up not designing as much because I’ll never get them done. You have been prolific in your designing!

    Hi Henry! You are handsome as ever.

    Happy Crafting and hope you are well.


    1. Hurricane week birthdays are not so fun. One of our local quilt shops and the owner’s 2 houses were killed by trees. I will be surprised if she rebuilds. It was one that participated in our annual Shop Hop, so I’m sad about that.

      Yes, testing is a holdup for me. I have soooo many designs that I haven’t tested. Some of them are really good ones, too. I’m going to put some on my website asking for volunteers to test them for me.


  4. That quilt pattern you show at the end looks so amazing.. love that! If I weren’t so afraid of piecing curves, I’d volunteer to pattern test that one.

    Henry is so pretty. Gorgeous guy.


    1. I have a friend who wants to make that one (she’s not ready yet). It would do much better as an applique. If you want to try it in applique, let me know.

      Yes, Henry’s the best thing I’ve done lately. He tells me every day that he loves me.


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