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Talk To Me Tuesday Week 5 – Snow and Job Actions!

7 thoughts on “Talk To Me Tuesday Week 5 – Snow and Job Actions!

  1. Well I’m glad they are finally trying to get y’all vaccinated. Here the teachers were in line right behind the healtcare/frontline workers and folks 75+, because we still haven’t opened schools and they are getting a ton of pressure to do so. Good for y’all standing up against returning without the vaccine.

    I think I am going to have to get some supplies in to have on hand to try snow dying next year. We only get 2 or 3 snows each year so I’ll need to be ready in advance, lol. The fabric you’ve done looks so cool.


  2. Sounds like you’ve gotten a lot done – the meadowland looks really lovely! That blue colour is one of my favourite. (Looks like Kona Celestial on my screen anyway!)

    Glad to hear they’ve got some sort of plan in place for vaccinating teachers. Where I live in Canada they’re still working on health care and people living in care homes and remote parts of the far north (where there isn’t much or sufficient health care facilities)… teachers haven’t even made it to the list yet. One day!


  3. I’m so glad to hear there is a plan in place for vaccinating teachers where you are, obviously thanks to teachers standing up for themselves.

    The snow dye is wild, but I like it!

    Stay warm & happy sewing!


  4. Well I’m glad that they’ve add you all to the vaccine list. I’m not sure what our state policy is here. Our district has allowed the teachers to get vaccines already. I know my friends that teacher already have both shots. On the other hand, they have been back at school since September. Even if they teacher virtually they were required to be in their classrooms. Now I can’t complain about their buildings. They have the nicest buildings I have ever seen in k-12 schools and thankfully the infection rates have been exceedingly low in the buildings. My daughter stayed virtual as did about 50% of her building.

    Oh the snow dye looks cool.

    You have been busy busy.
    Bad lighting with a long arm leads to a hot mess. Glad you got new lights.

    Happy Crafting


  5. So glad they have a plan to vaccinate you–maybe you’ve even been vaccinated by the time I’m writing this (since I’m so slow catching up on these).

    Meadowlands blocks are looking really good!

    Yay for the owls progress–I still just love your owl blocks you created so much. They are just wonderful.


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