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The first few minutes is a life update type thing. If your not interested start from 3 mins for the crafty stuff.

17 thoughts on “TTMT

  1. Thank you for sharing, my friend. Just admitting that our mental health is suffering can be a relief. The whole world has been on fire and that adds so much more stress on top of every other freaking thing.

    Your crochet continues to be adorable. I’m glad you picked it back up again. ♥ It’s lovely to hear how much thought you put into each of your pieces.


    1. Thank you , I just hope that no one is getting fed up with my non crafty talk. I just feel like the world need s to take a rest for a while , I am so tired of turning on the television and hearing about another disaster. I have had to stop watching the news because it is always so bleak , or Megan and Harry which just annoys me (not them but the whole situation).

      I love the crochet , it just speaks to me right now , although my craft space might be getting little over run with toys and toys.


  2. Thanks for the life update.. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better and that you’re keeping an eye on how you’re doing. The world is just in such a difficult state right now that when you add in all the personal life, it’s no surprise people are struggling.

    I quite like your Scarlet Witch… agreed about needing a little more hair maybe. That hair looks really cool, but it’s kind of Medusa-y to me, rather than calling to mind the Scarlet Witch. (I only know her from the movies, though, so maybe it’s a call back to the comics?)

    I don’t know Frozen at all.. the character a little reminded me of the one from Ice Age, but I think that’s just because of the tongue sticking out haha! It looks really great though, and much more salamandery than whatever that Ice Age character actually is (some kind of furry mammal, so,.. you know… not a salamander) 😀

    I also love the steampunk aesthetic too. Its always a fun, creative look. That’s such a fun take on Ariel.

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    1. It is a Salamander and I know which ice age character you mean.

      I need to get brave and make up my own Scarlet Witch creation, I have enough doll patterns that I could adapt , I just need to find my courage to go off pattern so to speak.


  3. Firstly, I’m proud of you for understanding your own needs and taking them on. Mental Health is not anything that should be taboo and we should be talking about it more. It’s good that you are aware of your own signs of cycling and what you need to turn it around for yourself.

    When you talked about Harry going to high school I though OMG how can this be possible? I had to look it up because I though no way is he already in his teens?! I didn’t think he was that much older than Hannah. Then I thought “he’s like Harry going off to Hogwarts at 11”, lol. Most places here have transitional schools between Elementary and High Schools. They used to be called Junior High and were Grade 7-9, but then they changed to “Middle Schools” and were just Grade 7-8 and Grade 9 because part of high School. My nephews (in the 1990s) even had one school for K- Grade 4, one school just for Grade 5, and another just for Grade 6, before going to Middle School for Grade 7-8. Then, from around age 14 to age 18 you go to High School. I think they felt it wasn’t a good idea to have 18yo going to school with 12yo, lol. Different education and social needs. The funny thing is my Dad went to the same school from all the way from K-12, because he grew up in a VERY small town. And so ends my seminar on the history and structure of the public education system in the US, lol.

    I am so proud at your growth and skill with your crochet, it’s really amazing how you have taken to it and you really have a talent for it!


    1. I am really envious of your school system in that regard. I keep looking at my little boy who is only 11 and thinking about him in a school with 16 year olds. Our schools over here stop at 16 and then we have colleges or vocational studies for 2 years. When I was younger we stopped school at 16 and then either went to college or found a job. I found a job and started working in an office at 16. Things have changed in that regard at least.

      Thank you for your comments on the crochet , I just love it right now , it really helps keep me calm, that’s how I know things are really bad as my Cro Jo disappears.

      I totally wish my Harry could go to Hogwarts (although I would have to go to as I wouldn’t want to be away from him , even if he was training to be a great Wizard !!


  4. Sending you digital hugs! Your crochet is AMAZING! Definitely keep doing what makes you happy! And yes, I know exactly how it feels to have big things hanging over your head that you have no control over, and how it feels like you are going to get crushed any second. It sounds like you’ve got a handle on it, which is no small feat!


  5. Hi Vicky! Hoping that you are feeling better. What a mess this world is. At least we have our little group…we send love and support! Love the steam punk dolls. I wish I knew how to crochet…
    Keep up with the crafting if you can, I know sewing is very therapeutic for me. Until next time!


    1. I only started ti crochet last year and taught myself of of you tube. It is so much fun and easier then it looks , you just find your way of doing it and go for it. xx


  6. Thanks for sharing. It’s such a difficult time right now. Add the other stresses of life and it’s a lot for anyone. You are definitely not alone in the anxiety of waiting for information on your children’s future or in struggling with depression. We had that experience in NC. We could choose the local school or apply for magnet programs. They weren’t as arbitrary as your system, but it was a long few months waiting to see where your kiddo would go the following year. I hope you don’t have to wait much longer.
    Sending you big hugs.

    Oh I adore your crochet. You are so good at it and you make the most delightful things.

    Hang in there!


  7. I just wish that the school system was more honest. They say you have a choice when really you don’t. I know at least 10 kiddo who have no place, their parents are so stressed out. I don’t think the Department for education understand what they put parents though.

    I love making the dolls and toys , although I am beginning to worry that they are taking over !!


  8. I’m a fan of steam punk, too. I have a color by number online game and they have steam punk designs all the time. Love all of your amigarumi. Glad you shared about your depression. My husband and I both have problems with that. He was able to get off his meds, too. Glad your kids were able to go back to school.

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    1. I wish I could pull off steam punk , I have always promised myself that if I lose weight I will get myself a military style jacket . May have to start vision boarding that as a motivation!


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