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TTMT #6 Another week flew by! Oi!

There is no video this week. Too many plates in the air. I did manage to sew a few things. I fixed my granddaughters dress, made a barbie sundress. Yesterday, I put together one of my oldest UFOs. The sampler quilt from 2003 or was it 2000. I really don’t remember. I took the tape label off the dusty tub. I still have to add a border. I am happy with it now. My problem with these blocks was the fact that it is a sampler quilt. I don’t care for them. In 2000 something, I was try to expand my quilting pallet. Trying new to me blocks. Some came out nice, others not so much.

The day flew by today and I wanted to sew something. At 8 pm I took out some orphan blocks. Red, White & Blue blocks. The four stars were rejected blocks that I had pieced very badly (circa 1990’s). There was no 1/4 inch seam on the points to sash them. Oh well, I added the sashing today and all the points are cut off. I call that a design decision! Ha Ha! It just felt good to sew. The other orphan is one that I love. I made several for someone for some reason and I don’t have a clue who. Old lady walking here! Oi!

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TTMT #5 Many a 4 patch

You just don’t know what you will find when you dig deep in your sewing room. I have unearthed UFO’s, orphan blocks, a million 4 patches, 9 patches, a few flying geese, a shoe box full of HST and paired triangles.

The name of the group sew a long was in with Janet Armstrong Wickell. We also had a doll quilt swap. It was a lot of fun and it helped push me out of my comfort zone! LOL!!!

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TTMT #5 I got nothing.

I have not sew a thing. This week was centered on getting my daughter a bed for her room and then trying to fit her things in this tiny 10 x 10 room. She moved in with us in February and has been sleeping in the living room. Now we all have privacy again. She is resting better on her new bed and her 2 fur babies are thrill with the new digs.

This is Momo

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TTMT #4 May 21, 2019. Shelves are up & sewing room is coming together at last.

I made this video on Wednesday. For some reason half way through, the video becomes out of sync with my voice, so please forgive the irritating Japanese dubbed video. LOL. I didn’t have time for a redo. The sewing room is coming together. I can actually put my legs under the cutting table. My goal is to finish the Accordion Carpenters Wheel. I want it as a wall hanging so I am only going to add a small border. It is bigger than It thought it would be.

Accordion Carpenters wheel. Pattern is by Eva Paige Designs

I have my work cut out for me. I want to cut down all those scraps. I will get more done if I do. I used up a great deal of my previous scraps as leaders and enders. It is time to replenish. I just have to consider cutting them up just as important as sewing. I also want to make some clothes for myself and my granddaughter.

Happy Memorial day weekend. Enjoy your families and friends.


Sewing Room May 21, 2019

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TTMT #3 May 14, 2019- Waiting for the Shelving!

I am still working on organizing my mess. My daughter bought me shelving for Mother’s day. It arrives tomorrow. After we organize the shelves I will be able to work on the zillion UFO’s and my parts department. Yes, I do leaders and enders and have quite a collection. Time to use them.

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TTMT #2 Still Cleaning

Still plugging along cleaning and sorting UFO projects. I have a boatload!
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TTMT #1 Just wanted to introduce myself