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Making ALLLLLLL the things…

Been so busy, but thought I’d catch you up on a few things and quickly show a couple of things tonight. I’ll try to pull out the computer and plan better next week before I sell it all!!!

5 thoughts on “Making ALLLLLLL the things…

  1. The eggs 🤣
    I love them. My grandma made them for me as a kid. I had them with a next and a bird. She did all the fun colors.

    Such pretty stuff you’ve made. I love rice packs. I keep them in my freezer. So I can have them hot or cold quickly.

    Happy Thanksgiving


  2. All of the luck on your big craft sale, I really hope everything sells out! So many fun items. Try selling the extra cushion covers without the pillows, it will increase your profit margin greatly, and you have the pillows there to demonstrate.

    Hope Georgie and your fingers heal soon!


  3. Holy beans, girl! You have gone above and beyond with your sales items! I’m loving all of it. Seriously, the eggs are totally the kind of things I would have made for my kids. LOVE. I hope everything, blankets, cushions, gauntlets, EVERYTHING does well.
    Two suggestions for pilling my beautiful orange Illinois boyfriend: 1. a pill popper, which you can get at the pet store. That will save your fingers and let you get in there. Or 2. Depending on the size of the pill, you can also use half a pill pocket and stick it to a regular treat. That’s how I medicate my kitties who need pills. I have even broken them in half or smaller and done several treats if needed.


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