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TTMT 208

In which I show a baby quilt I made for a friend and a quilt block for my Canadian Modern Quilt Bee. The quilt pattern is Hodgepodge by Modernly Morgan.

7 thoughts on “TTMT 208

  1. Hey there! It’s always good to see you. That is a looong quilt block! The pinks are great. Bonus for being able to work from stash!

    I’m loving the baby quilt and how well it coordinates with the card your friend made. I hope she and the recipient love it.

    It’s been a really rough year so far. I think taking it as it comes is probably the way to do it. Hope to see you again soon.


  2. Well heloooo there! Good to have you back again. I love that you were able to get that block done from scraps, that’s always so satisfying, isn’t it?!
    I really love the baby quilt, and that it isn’t just pastel. The mint and yellow really play nicely together and go perfect with the card.
    I am the same with the goals. I’m trying to be much more kind to myself and stop stressing about something like quilting that is supposed to be fun. I will say that going through my fabrics spurred some inspiration, and I love when that happens, but I have been feeling some blahs myself. New Years always hits me, but this last one was the 10 year anniversary of losing my dad and it harder than usual. So I think being kind to yourself and just winging your projects this year might be just what what we need sometimes.


    1. Thank you! When I recorded the video, I forgot all the things I’d planned to talk about, like the colours for the quilt. My friend wanted it to match the card, but I didn’t want it too be too pastel or too sweet (because I think sweet has a limited shelf life for babies), and I wound up auditioning a lot of fabrics that kind of worked as an ombre going from mint up to the darkest greens – grunge fabric for the win because I found a dark green one with mint highlights that really helped bridge the distance between the lightest and darkest fabrics. I also found a weird stripey digital print that was dark green with yellow, orange and mint green in it that helped tie some of it together a bit. I wasn’t sure I’d like a quilt made in those colours – mint and soft yellow – but I’m really pleased by it in the end.

      That’s a rough anniversary. Well, maybe they all are. 10 feels like the anniversary of an anniversary or something… I don’t know. I’m sorry it was hard, and I hope there was some room for good memories alongside the sadness.


      1. I actually had a typo. It was the 20 year anniversary of losing my dad, New Year’s Day 2003. I think it was more top of mind because of getting together with all my siblings in September for the first time since our Mom’s death in 2013 and talking about a lot of stuff from childhood. But it brought some good reflections and memories, too… when Phebe moved back home in December she started cleaning out her closet and drawers and found a drawing he’d done for her (she was just 6yo when he died) and when she was older she had added a note in the corner “In memory of Grandpa”. She was planning to frame it, but I asked her if she would let me scan it first, and of course she did. I think I’m going to turn it into a hand embroidery pattern for myself. It’s a sweet bunny rabbit.

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