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TTMT #69 | Unedited Update | 08/18/2020

Hi all, sorry for the delay, I had some trouble uploading this on Tuesday morning… but here it finally is… no glitz… no glam… just tired ol’ me!

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TTMT #67 | No Sew/Nothing to Show | 07/30/2019

Hi All!

A lot going on since my last video – but I’m still pushing on!

Here is some info on SVT:
Supraventricular tachycardia

Have a Great Week!

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No Video This Week!

I know it’s early but due to the circumstances I already know I will not be recording. We are currently at our local ER with Jaxon… waiting for the Iowa City medics to come transport him to the Children’s Hospital.

Other than it being heart related, I don’t have any details yet. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. I will update you all as soon as I can.

Thanks XOXO

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TTMT #66 | Storage Bins, More Pegs & Tool Talk | 07/16/2019

Hey All!

Not a lot to show today. My apologies in advance – had gloves on when I did my yard work, but seems some dirt was already in them – the result… nails that are super hard to get clean. Next time I will do my video 1st, or avoid any hand close-ups!

Links to the items shown or mentioned:

Faithwell Storage Bins:

Broken Heart Bag Co.:


King Craft Rotary Saw: {only available used via private sellers}

Work Zone Pendulum Jigsaw: {only available used via private sellers}

Tool Storage Chest: {only available used via private sellers}

Wooden Peg Dolls:

Mod Podge:

Have a great week!!!

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No Video This Week

But I am sure you all knew, since it is late Thursday afternoon. Had another new family of 3 start on Monday, so I have had to focus on daycare. In my small amount of free time I did absolutely nothing! Well, I made mental notes on making a Waldorf inspired tree house for the peg dolls. I included a few pics!

Hoping next week will be different. Have a great weekend!

Some of the completed dolls…. including 2 coats of Mod Podge
Our make-shift tree house for the peg dolls… using cutting boards and the Nature Blocks
Small branches from my Basswood tree… ready to cut to make our own tree house!
My basswood tree… now that I know this is the wood used for many toys, I have plans for the branches when we prune it!
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TTMT #65 | Diversity Dolls | 07/02/2019

Hi All!

Can you believe it? I actually recorded, edited AND uploaded my video all in one day… ON THE RIGHT DAY no less! lol The heat has come straight from blazes and we have been hiding inside!

Here is a look at what I have done this week – and I actually finished something! (mainly because it was part of a gift for a party over the weekend)

Now that it is July, I really need to focus and get more sewing done. September will be here in no time and I want to have a good selection of items for the vendor booth!

Happy 4th! I will be inside with my earplugs in… we have a neighbor that sets off at least 2 explosions daily… ALL YEAR LONG, So you can imagine what Thursday will be like!


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TTMT #64 | #daycarelife | 06/25/2019

Hi All

Sorry for the long video – guess it’s like last week and this week combined.

Have a Creative week!

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Well, it’s Friday…

Hi all, I was really planning to record a late video to post… as you can see that didn’t happen. Tuesday marked 2 months since Jaxon’s surgery and he had his Iowa City check-up… that took most of the day to drive there and of course his mommy had to go to the mall as well as get lunch then drive back.

Tuesday was also my parents 62nd anniversary so I spent the evening with them.

Hope to sit long enough to watch all this weeks videos! It’s supposed to rain all weekend, so let’s hope I get some things accomplished.

Happy Crafting!

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TTMT #63 | The Great Outdoors! | 06/11/2019

Hi All!

Couldn’t resist taking the camera outside! We have finally have been having decent weather sans the GNATS!

Have a great week!

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TTMT #62 | A Tisket, A Tasket, I’ve Sewn Myself A Basket | 06/04/2019

Hi All!

Well, look who is on time finally! lol Not a lot to show, but I think you all may like the one project that is almost completed…just need more thread!

Have a great week!