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TTMT #5 | This & That | 01/16/2018

Hello All!

Nothing to really add here that I didn’t already mention in the video. It’s too cold & I keep having brain freezes! lol

Until next week!



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TTMT #4 | Plans, Goals & Positive Vibes | 01/09/18

Hey All!
First of all sending positive vibes to Snowie44/Terry and her family at this difficult time. May they find strength and comfort in each other’s love.

Can you believe I put out a video that wasn’t 15 minutes long?!?! I’m totally shocked…Lol I talked over 17 minutes…lots of editing 😏

I hope you all have a productive week!

Happy crafting!



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TTMT #3 | Happy New Year & Studio Tour | 01/02/18

Happy 2018 Everyone!

I figured to start off the year, I would show you all around my sewing studio/craft room. It’s not completed yet. My daughter still has a few things in the way. I do hope to be totally done before the gardening season. Wish me luck!

Thanks for watching & I can’t wait to view all the other videos for the week!

TTMT Video

TTMT – #2 | I’m Back|12/26/17

Hey – I did it! I recorded my video on time… but the editing and posting were a bit delayed! I do apologize that its 15 minutes [even after cutting a lot of it out] At any rate – it is completed, so that’s always a plus! Grab a snack and sit back, and please feel free to comment constructive tips to help me make my videos better!

Thanks & Happy New Year!!!

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