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TTMT #255 Snowie Overload or What?!

Yes folks, it’s 2 for Tuesday!

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough battery power to upload yesterday!

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TTMT #254 Way Late!


Sorry about the lack of posts but haven’t been all that crafty. Also, with the new little guy and work, there’s not much time left for me. But it’s getting better!

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TTMT #253 Things Happen!

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TTMT #252 Try This Again!


Links I forgot about with last 2 videos!

All shawl:

Journal 29:

Jan’s etsy shop:

Erin’s etsy shop:

Jennifer’s etsy shop:

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TTMT #251 First Time Try!

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So this is my first time posting here. Have not a clue what I’m doing so hope all goes well.
For those who may be wondering…I’m talking about WordPress!