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Yay, A Video!

9 thoughts on “Yay, A Video!

  1. Yay, a video!

    Your table is fabulous. I love that it fits so nicely in your space.

    I know several people working on their UFO list. One of my local friends is on her second year and it’s been fun to watch her go!

    Yay for stash busting and being able to close drawers! Your mystery blocks look great.

    Great jelly roll, it’ll be an awesome rug!

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  2. I love you new table and set up . That pack of fabric for your baby quilt does look a little scary i think i be would delay in to , I would have to be in the right frame of mind for that one.

    Ufo’s are the band of my life i have so many . Xxx

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  3. I love your new table.
    Have you searched on Instagram to see if anyone else made the same baby quilt? Maybe you could figure out the colors from their pics?

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  4. Your Bonnie Hunter blocks look great. Did you look inside the bag at the fabric. Sometime kits have them make in some way to help you know which fabric to us. I’m new here, so it’s nice to meet you.


  5. I hope you’ll be able to keep on track with the APQ Resolution challenge and I hope I can stick with it too! Wouldn’t it be nice to move forward that many projects? 😀 I only made one list even though I am sure I have enough projects that just need quilting for at least 1.5 of them. (And then probably another 2-3 lists for the half-way-through projects. I need to learn to focus!)

    I hope you get into that Bjorn Bear pattern – I think you should just make all the blocks and not worry about what goes where until you get to the end… you might wind up putting them in your own order instead of the one from the pattern anyway! It’s such a cute project.

    Yay for stash-busting and scrap-busting projects! The Bonnie Hunter bits and pieces look good… its going to be great, I think! Her quilts always look great in so many different styles and prints


  6. Oh fantastic table! I need to revamp my cutting area. The height is off and it’s hard on my back after a while.

    The baby quilt kit is gorgeous. I would be a bit intimidated to start cutting as well. I rarely buy kits and I think that as why. I agree with Kristel. Just jump in and the blocks can get rearranged as needed.

    Nice stash busting with the Bonnie Hunter blocks.I’m in the mist of cutting my little scraps into 2 inch square for my someday postage stamp quilt. I got through my binds about once a year and add the 2” squares for my leftovers for the past year.

    I’ve quite a few projects in the mix right now. I normally don’t do that but I’m finding it good for now. They are all perfect to sit down when I need a smaller task and quick mental break from other things.

    Yay for your first video back. I hope we will keep seeing you around.

    Happy Crafting


  7. Hooray for the video! Love the table! I’ve been rethinking my arrangement lately and I HOPE that I’ve come up with a solution to some of my problems. I’ll try it out this week and see how it works.
    The baby quilt does look a bit daunting, but maybe if you just make the blocks, you can arrange them in whatever order pleases you.
    Bonnie Hunter has a lot of great patterns for stash busting. I with I had as much confidence as she, or our very on Robin, does in creating scrappy designs. Maybe I’ll get there one of these days.


  8. Great to see you again. Thanks for the video.
    Great table!
    I’m doing the UFO Challenge on American Patchwork Quilting (AllPeopleQuilt). I laughed at having 12 also! I finished my stained glass for January, and am working on my February. It’s nice to see everybody’s work!
    The napkins are too cute! What a clever pattern, and I bet it feels great to finally get them finished.
    I love those bears! I’m making the foxes for my daughter’s birthday in May…they look just like the foxes, and I’m making a wall hanging with 16 of them…1 will have glasses, 1 will have a hat, 1 a bow tie, and 1 a mustache. The fabric is coming Thursday, and I’m going to make myself one at the same time. I haven’t picked a background yet, but I’m leaning toward a stuffy plaid maybe.
    A Bonnie Hunter mystery from your stash! Excellent. I couldn’t quilt without a spacer project in between. It’s like getting a bonus while you quilt.
    I keep seeing the jelly roll rugs and one will catch my eye one day and I’ll have to do it. That fabric will be awesome in a rug.
    I love that you have all your projects in order/line and have them all together…reminds me of someone I know. I have each one numbered by where it goes on my 2019 list and in either a box or bag with the current status on my list. And yes, there’s always more. My list has 34 items on it for this year, and that only includes the first 10 pieces from my UFO closet. But they are all projects I am excited about and I am getting through it.
    Have fun with all that great stuff….and please take time to update us again when you can.


  9. It’s good to see and hear you again. The table is great. Already all loaded up with yummy fabrics.
    Your mystery blocks look great, and isn’t a great feeling to be able to open and close your scrap drawers? I am currently working from stash as well… or I would be if I had pieced anything lately, lol.

    I really like the jelly roll rugs especially the round version. I am currently being seriously tempted.


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