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TTMT #6 Blueberries, Blackberries and a Backing plan

Hufflepuff Crest is done. The plan to put it on the back of my daughter’s Harry Potter bookshelf quilt is made. Now to get the plan completed and make the backing for the quilt.

National Quilt Museum Block of the month – December 2019, Fractured is done. Three more blocks to make for this quilt. The next block is paper piecing, so I should be able to do it, even with modifications that I am making to the pattern.

Ran/walked 5.52 miles this morning and biked 4 miles this afternoon. Picked 13# of blueberries and 2 1/2qts of blackberries.

Time to go sew.

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TTMT #5- July 28, 2020 Ruler Work

Quilted this Dresden Plate Quilt for a friend. Over 12 hours of ruler work went into this one. It was made by her Grandmother and the quilting lines were drawn on in pencil.

Hufflepuff crest is coming along. Plus I was able to do a little embroidery work for the Labyrinth Goblin King quilt.

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Watch “TTMT #4 To Show or Not To Show -July 21, 2020- Take 2” on YouTube

Storm At Sea Lighthouse quilt. Shown in 2016 at the Berrien Towne and Country Quilters show and AQS Grand Rapids MI 2017 show.

Hufflepuff crest progress.

To show or not to show, swap quilt is quilted and binding is done. To embellish or not?

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TTMT #3- July 14, 2020- Moonlit Winter Tree

Backdrop is my Moonlit Winter Tree. Binding finished on the Sapphire Stars quilt I showed in the 1st video. Swap quilt sneak peak of the pinwheels that I am making. Hufflepuff Crest progress.

Hufflepuff Crest progress after 5 months of not working on it.
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TTMT#2 Nephews Graduation Quilts

Sapphire Stars quilt for my California nephew and CY-Stars Quilt for my Iowa nephew. Pattern testing of Pokemon blocks for Wendi. I am writing the patterns for both quilts. My 1st Sapphire Stars quilt hung in the 2019 Houston International Quilt Festival and they still have it. My California nephews quilt was quilted with “Swirls and Twirls”. CY-Stars was Quilted with a Fluer-des-les pattern of my own. The sun was bright today.

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TTMT #1- My First One June 30, 2020

My First Talk To Me Tuesday. I have been wanting to join in for a while. So finally decided to post to this group, after watching for some time. I talk about the Harry Potter Bookshelf quilt. Journal covers, Sapphire Star quilts and my Folded Quilt that still needs the rest of the button embellishments.