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TTMT #109 – August 2, 2022 – Rollin at Sunrise

This week I talk about still being excited for riding my bicycle across Iowa. I finished a Tshirt quilt and altered some suit pants for a customer. Until next time let’s go sew.

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TTMT #108 Sunday July 31, 2022 RAGBRAI 2022

This week I talk about riding my bicycle across the state of Iowa in RAGBRAI (Register’s Annual Bike Ride Across Iowa). The shortest day was 57 miles and the longest was 100 miles. with a total of 462 miles. This bucket list experience is crossed off my list. I stopped at the 2 quilt shops that were open when I went past and bought some fabric at each shop.

This is a short video I shot while taking a break from my ride. On Friday, July 29, 2022 between Charles City and West Union, Iowa. I biked the whole way, all 462+miles.
Dipping my front tire in the Mississippi River at the end of RAGBRAI 2022. I DID IT! What a great feeling.
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TTMT #107- July 22, 2022-No video This week.

Hey everyone. I don’t have anything crafty to do this week. With my quilt guilds show last week, y was busy with it.

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TTMT #106 July 15, 2022 The Art of the Quilt

This week I share a video of a few of my quilts hanging in “The Art of the Quilt” show put on by the Berrien Towne and Country Quilters at The Box Factory in St Joseph MI. The show is July 14, 15 and 16. 10:00-4:00pm. I am also a vendor with Corner Curve Quilts LLC and my Tshirt quilt business SWMI-T-Quilts. www

Michelle standing in her booth, Corner Curve Quilts LLC at the Berrien Towne and Country Quilts, The Art of the Quilt Show.
One of my little quilts in the show.
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TTMT #105 July 5, 2022 – Making a Rod Pocket

This week I talk about adding rod pockets to my quilts that are going in the Berries Towne and Country Quilters Show, July 14, 15 and 16 at the Box Factory in St Joseph, MI.

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TTMT #104 June 30, 2022 Two Years of TTMT

This week I talk about the T-shirt quilt hanging behind me.

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Watch “TTMT #103- June 21, 2022 – Gifted Fabrics” on YouTube

This week I talk about stitching down the appliques on the white customer quilt. I also did some alterations for a customer and those are delivered.

Last week I was gifted some beautiful fabrics from an engine collectors late wife’s fabric stash. I’m honored to have this fabric to use in my quilts.


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Watch “TTMT #102 -June 17, 2022- Braiding Machine” on YouTube

This week I talk about purchasing an antique braiding machine. It can be hand cranked (which is hard) or belted up to a motor with a flat belt. My husband and I collect gasoline engines and related equipment. Behind me you can hear one of our engines running. The braiding machine was made by the NE Butts Co before 1948. I look forward to showing this as part of our display at future shows. This show was at Coolspring Power Museum, Coolspring PA.

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Watch “TTMT #101-June 7, 2022 Deciding On Show Quilts” on YouTube

This week I talk about the quilts I am going to put in the Berries Towne and Country Quilters Show. It is called “The Art of the Quilt.”. It will be July 14, 15 & 16, in St. Joseph, MI, at the Box Factory. Corner Curve Quilts LLC will be on of the vendors.

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TTMT #100, May 31, 2022 – Number One Hundred

This week I have nothing new to show. So I talk about my progress on the applique for the white quilt. We traveled over the holiday weekend. I was the operator of the open air trolley car #1779 at Midwest Old Threshers Swap meet for one loop around the camp grounds. I have also been exercising a lot and did a 40 miles bike ride on Memorial Day. Then I met my running/walking goal of 50 miles for the 77th month in a row. I forgot to mention it but some new fabrics have arrived at Corner Curve Quilts LLC. Check it out at

I was the operator of Tolley #1779 for one lap around Old Threshers camp grounds. Take a ride with me.