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TTMT #140 March 21, 2023 Quilt Show Hop

This week I talk about the Lighthouse Quilt Guild 2023 Quilt Hop. To celebrate quilt month this guild does a month long quilt show set up in 8 different libraries. It was fun to see all the different quilts. I decided to film my video in front of this Fandom in Stitches Project of Doom quilt. I do not know the maker of this quilt, but she did a great job. We traveled 202 miles and saw a lot of beautiful quilts. It was a great day to spend with quilting friends. We also found a quilted heart and left it for someone else to pick up. Let’s go sew!

Outside one of the libraries, all the flamingos had knitted scarves, sweaters and boots (not pictured). The quilted heart hangs in the bush. We left it, because we thought someone else could find it. Make quilting friends and myself, are on the making end of quilted hearts. (At least we have some in progress.)

This quilt was amazing. This library did not have the names of the makers on the quilts, because they were having people vote on their favorite quilt.

This library only have 6 quilts, but the quilting on this one was fabulous.

The Terrific Tugs were quilts made by second graders. They got to choose their water and sky fabrics, then sew them together. Cut out the tugboat pieces and iron them to quilt top. With right sides together sew, turn and topstitch around the quilt. Then they all wrote about making their quilts. Some wrote about getting to use the iron and sewing machine. Some kids wrote out all the steps to make the tugboats. This was a neat quilt display.

This was a great day trip with friends.

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TTMT #139 March 14, 2023 – It’s Still a Mystery

This week I briefly show the back of the 2023 Mystery Quilt Amber from Corner Curve Quilts LLC. There are two clues left in this quilt along. Then I talk about working on custom quilting a customer’s quilt and my machine acting up. The stitch regulator is not working. It stitches just fine on manual mode. Until next time let’s go sew!

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TTMT #138 March 7, 2023 – Knit One, Quilt One

This week I talk about finishing up the scarf I have been knitting for my son’s girlfriend. Then I show the practice piece I have been quilting. Let’s go sew!

Some of my quilting practice using the Gammill Workstation, rulers, and free motion quilting.

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TTMT #137 February 28, 2023 – A Stack of Squares

This week I talk about the Mystery Quilt Amber square in a square units that have been sewn. Then I talk some about going to the Iowa men’s and women’s basketball games. Until next time, let’s go sew.

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TTMT # 135 – February 14, 2023 – Happy Valentine’s Day

This week I talk about quilting three quilts for a client. Two of them were the blue sister quilts I’ve been talking about. Then one was an allover swirly flower. They have all been picked up. I also talk about the scarf I am knitting. It is getting longer. Many thanks to Jeanie for the fabric boa. What a fun surprise to get for Valentine’s. My TTMT friends are the best. Lastly my Mystery Quilt Amber is starting this week.

Another one of the Sister quilts custom quilted with curved cross hatching, feathers, spiral feathers,
The back of the quilt.
All over swirly flower for the quilting on this little quilt.
The quilting on this quilt includes elongated spirals, wishbones, and paisleys. I love the design process and how this quilt turned out.
The spiral wreath in the center with wishbone orange peals in the middle turned out really neat. I also like how the spirals weave up and down going around the outer edge of the quilt with the wishbone quilting setting it off.
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TTMT #134 February 7, 2023 – Band Quilt

This week I talk about piecing the top row of the Lakeshore High School band quilt. This is a project that I have helped with for 15 years. Then I talk about sewing the upcoming 2023 Mystery Quilt Amber that I have designed for Corner Curve Quilts LLC. The event is February 16, 2023 – March 23, 2023. With a new clue each week for 6 weeks. The spring colors are so fun to work with. Let’s go sew.

Once a band parent, always a band parent. The Band quilt is coming together.
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TTMT #133 February 5, 2023 Blue Sunday

This week I talk about the blue sisters quilt that I custom quilted for a client. It has lots of feathers, curved cross hatching, hearts and wishbone quilting.

The custom quilting on this beautiful quilt has feathers, curved cross hatching, hearts, and much more.
This quilt had meandering circles with a few spirals and bees quilted in it.
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TTMT #132-January 28, 2023 Local Quilt Shop Day

This week I talk about it being support your local quilt shop day. I had planned on being open in the morning, but it was snowy and icy out. Then I show the back of a customer’s quilt. Until next time let’s go sew.

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TTMT #131- January 17, 2023 – Short Update

This week I show a stack of my 2023 Mystery Quilt – Amber. I love how this quilt is looking. I’ll just tease you with stacks of fabric for now. Until next time, let’s go sew.

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TTMT #130 January 10, 2023- Mystery Quilt Along Pieces

This week I talk about quilting the fabric for the dust ruffle I have to make for a customer. I love the swirling flower that I quilt. Then I tease you with some blocks for Corner Curve Quilts LLC next mystery quilt along. It will start February 16, 2023, with clues coming out every week for 6 weeks. Yardage and colors for the quilt will be coming out soon.