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TTMT #709 – Serious Conversation

My dear friends, in this video I share an update on my post-op and talk about what you’ve all been asking me: why I can no longer take donations on behalf of The Linus Connection.

If you have mailed a quilt top to me in the last six months or so and you haven’t seen it quilted yet, please let me know if you are okay with my donating to a charity organization at a later date. I won’t be able to quilt for some time yet and I don’t know where my donations will be going at that time.

The orphan blocks you send will still be used to #quiltforgood because that is what I love to do.

❤ Jennifer O.

TTMT Video

TTMT #706 – Wrapping Things Up

In which I share a few more finished gifts, some Christmas cards, and some news.

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TTMT #705 – Bows & Toes

In which I share more quilts for Linus made by a variety of people, some bows, and talk about my toes!

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TTMT #704 – Feeling Jolly!

In which I share one bound quilt and a slew of holiday crafts. Special thanks to Jeanie for inspiring me to make little stuffed Christmas trees!

Links to lots of things from the video below:

TTMT Video

TTMT #703 – Pile O Quilts

In which I finished quilts, a tip for getting out coffee & tea stains, and even more fun Christmas ornaments made using my Cricut Maker 3!

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TTMT #701 – Piles of Goodness!

In which I share MANY quilts & blankets for donation to The Linus Connection. A few are made by me, the rest by friends!

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TTMT #698 – Boo!

In which I share a couple of small things and tease a Super Secret Project!

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TTMT #697 – Lots of Good Stuff!

In which I talk about the Silent Auction totals, share what I won in the auction, some mail, quilt finishes, and more!

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TTMT #696 – It’s A Major Award!

Okay, it’s a prize drawing, but who doesn’t want to quote The Old Man from A Christmas Story every now and then?

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TTMT #695 – Sunny Day

In which I share three finishes (at last!!) and chat a bit about my volunteer work for The Linus Connection.

When I say “I’ll see you next month,” that’s not to say I won’t be here next week, but that if you are attending Quilt Fest in Houston, I will see you there! ♥